One possible cause of the error "X_Put_To_Exchange_list" at the Host Repository Explorer

Date: Archived
Product/Release: Visual LANSA
Abstract: Error messages for an invalid SuperServer (LXX) license on iSeries
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

Occasionally you may see this error message box appearing at the Host Repository Explorer:

Example Error Message

This error can be generated for a number of reasons, so the joblog should be reviewed to see the exact cause of this message. One reason for this error message is not obvious as it can be generated when your Superserver license on the iSeries is invalid or has expired.

Therefore it is recommended to review the TP0000000x joblog on the iSeries to see the exact cause of the error.

As you can see below, in most cases the reason is stated very clearly in the iSeries joblog:

00    30.11.01   14:47:58   LXXP0010       LANTESTPGM  0069     LXXP0010     
Message . . . . :   The required LANSA product license for this machine is 
invalid, or has no free slots (at this time), or it has expired.         
If using LANSA/Server with another product (eg: VB) you must have a valid L
                Job Log                             SYDASPPC 30.11.01 14:48:01 
TP00000002      User  . . . . . . :   QPGMR        Number . . . . . . . . . ..
STRLISTEN       Library . . . . . :   QGPL                                   
SEV   DATE       TIME       FROM PGM       LIBRARY     INST     TO PGM       
    or Snn type license. If using LANSA/X Super Server you must have a valid 
    or Xnn type license. Either this machine is not licensed, or the license 
    "slot" based (and there is no available slot for you to use at this time)
   or the license has expired. Use command LANSA REQUEST(LICENCE) to check t
   status of your LCE/Snn or LXX/Xnn type license(s). If required contact yo
   product vendor for further details. 

Hence, if you ever generate this error message when starting the Host Repository Explorer (HRE), please check the associated joblog on the iSeries and review the license details from the "Work With License Program".