Large e-mail attachments are not received properly when using the LANSA Email Integration BIFs

Date: 17 June 2002
Product/Release: LANSA for the iSeries
Abstract: Large email attachments are not received properly, corrupting and splitting the e-mail message. There is POP attribute that needs to be changed to avoid this situation
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Last Review: November 2010

When sending a relatively large e-mail attachment (e.g. more than 128KB) using the LANSA E-mail Integration Builtin Functions on the iSeries (MAIL_ADD_ATTACHMENT BIF), the message may be received without the attachment, split into several messages, or with unreadable characters on its content.

The reason for this is usually caused by the value of the "Message Split Size" parameter in the iSeries POP attributes. For example, if this value is set to 128, attachments greater than 128 KB would be split (disassembled) into several e-mails. However some receiving e-mail engine (e.g. MS Exchange) may not be able to re-assemble the attachment, leaving the e-mails in pieces, without the original attachment, and with unreadable characters in their content instead.

If you come across this situation, you should compare the size of your attachments against your current Message Split Size parameter of your POP attributes (CHGPOPA and press F4). If any attachment's size exceeds this limit, the e-mail would be split. The recommendation is to increase the Message Split Size to a larger value. You could set this parameter to *NOMAX. You can set this value by issuing:


or to a larger size (in Kilobytes) like:


The default shipped value is 128 (i.e. 128 KB).