Imports issue where QCCSID value is not a valid default value for QLANGID

Date: 29 July 2002
Product/Release: LANSA for the iSeries
Abstract: Affects iSeries imports if system value QCCSID is not a default value for system value QLANGID.
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Last Review: November 2010


For LANSA import jobs which either default to or are run under job CCSID (Coded Character Set Identifier) 65535, the data may be converted and then displayed incorrectly.

This will happen if the system value QCHRID (Code page) value, is not one of the default values that can exist for the system value QLANGID (language).

This is because for submitted jobs, if the job CCSID parameter is 65535, the LANGID parameter is also used to determine the value of the job default CCSID (DFTCCSID).

Therefore, one of the default CCSID values for the language will be used, and it will NOT be the value specified for the system value QCHRID (code page).

As an example: iSeries System values

System value . . . . . : QCHRID
Description . . . . . : Graphic character set and code page

Character ID . . . . . : 697 1-32767
Code page . . . . . . : 500 1-32767
System value . . . . . : QLANGID
Description . . . . . : Language identifier

Language identifier . : CAT Catalan Language abbreviation
System value . . . . . : QCCSID
Description . . . . . : Coded character set identifier
Coded character set identifier . . . . . : 65535 1-65535

In this particlar example, the QCHRID code page value of 500, is not a valid default for QLANGID CAT (Catalan).

Instead, the CCSID value 284 would be used as it IS a valid default value for Catalan.

Therefore, the data from the import would be converted to Code page 284 instead of Code page 500.


The import job should be submitted with the language parameter set to a value which IS valid as a default language for the CCSID being used on the system.

Hold the Job Queue where the import is to run. Then, change the job to have a valid default language for the QCHRID code page value being used, for QCHRID code page 500, French is a valid default value.