Unable to display Routing Table information

Date: 14 April 2003
Product/Release: LANSA for iSeries
Abstract: Unable to display routing table information
Submitted By: LANSA Support
Last Review: November 2010


When attempting to display LANSA Configuration information, it may fail with a message similar to:

Message ID . . . . . . : DCM1667
Message . . . . : Cannot check out object /etc/dc@pgmlib/lroute.dat.
To edit configuration item COMMS_LISTENER_RECS you need exclusive use of
object /etc/dc@pgmlib/lroute.dat. The attempt to allocate this object failed.


A failure during the running of the LANSA CONFIGURE command for the Communications Extensions options, thus leaving the routing table lroute.dat checked-out, and unable to be allocated.

To determine the user left who has the file checked-out do the following:

  1. Run the command wrklnk '/etc/dc@pgmlib/lroute.dat'
  2. Take option 8 for the lroute.dat file.
  3. The attributes shown will display the user profile that last checked-out the file:
    Display attributes screen
  4. Sign on using the user profile that last checked-out the routing table.
  5. Run the command CHKIN OBJ('/etc/dc@pgmlib/lroute.dat').

This will unlock the file allowing the routing information to be accessible again.

Note: The paths used are the default LANSA names.