Invalid license error after upgrade to LANSA Integrator V10 caused by jsmrfi.jar in WebSphere

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA Integrator V10
Abstract: An invalid error can occur after applying LANSA Integrator V10 license codes due to WebSphere caching pre-V10 jsmrfi.jar file
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

The following situation occurred at a customer site that used the RFI feature of LANSA Integrator in conjunction with WebSphere. 

  • Customer successfully upgraded LANSA Integrator on the iSeries machine to Version 10 
  • Applied their new LANSA Integrator V10 license
  • A license error ('Not licensed for Agent') indicated that the V10 license was invalid. However, both the license issued and the licensing mechanism was working correctly. This was proven by running a simple test program. 
  • Further investigation by LANSA support staff highlighted that the pre-V10 ljsmrfi.jar file was cached on the WebSphere systems and the new file was ignored. This produced the licensing error that was reported in the logs on the iSeries. 
  • Restarting WebSphere did not clear the WebSphere cache successfully. 
  • The WebSphere machines were restarted (rebooted) and after a successful reboot the system was working correctly again. (It is presumed that the reboot of the system forced WebSphere to read and use the new files).