E-mailing an iSeries Spooled File

Date: 4 August 2003
Product/Release: LANSA for iSeries
Abstract: How to use Client Access to email Spooled Files
Submitted By: LANSA Services
Last Review: November 2010

Simply use Operations Navigator (OpsNav, now called iSeries Navigator) to drag an iSeries spooled file to your PC and e-mail it. You get the spooled file in convenient text format, which enables you and the recipient to edit it with products such as Microsoft Word or Excel. You can then save the spooled file or e-mail it to others.

To use this technique, your iSeries host servers must be running. If they're not, use command StrHostSvr *All to restart them. You must also have Client Access Express with the OpsNav component installed on your PC as well as e-mail software (e.g., Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes). Then, simply follow the steps below for setup and procedure.

Setup (one time only):

  1. On your desktop, create a folder named AS400 Reports (right-click desktop, select New, and choose Folder).
  2. Open a Notepad window (click Start, select Run, type "notepad," and click OK).
  3. On the Notepad window, click Edit, and deselect Word Wrap.
  4. On the Notepad window, click Edit, and click Set Font.
  5. On the Font window, set the font to Courier New, select the desired font style and size, and click OK.
  6. Close the Notepad window.


  1. On your desktop, double-click the OpsNav icon.
  2. If a window titled AS/400 Operations Navigator - online Help appears, read it if you like, and then close it.
  3. On the OpsNav window, expand the folder YourAS400, where YourAS400 is the iSeries where your spooled files reside.
  4. If prompted, log on to your iSeries.
  5. Expand the folder Basic Operations.
  6. Click Printer Output and wait for the system to build a list of your spooled files (if any).
  7. If you want to build a custom list, click Options, select Include, and specify your custom criteria.
  8. Double-click a file to view the contents, or right-click a file to list the functions you can perform. Click Help on the menu bar to learn about these functions.
  9. To download a spooled file, resize the window so the AS400 Reports folder is visible on the desktop, then simply drag the desired file from the open window and drop it onto the AS400 Reports folder. Alternatively, you can right-click a desired file, click Cut or Copy, go to the desktop, right-click the AS400 Reports folder, and then click Paste to put the file into this folder. You can also drag a spooled file directly to the desktop instead of the AS400 Reports folder. However, to prevent cluttering my desktop, I prefer using one or more folders (e.g., by systems and/or applications) to store the spooled files.
  10. On your desktop, double-click the AS400 Reports folder to list all the downloaded files. Rename them if you like. These files are in plain text format. Simply right-click a file and select the Send To function to e-mail it. You can also use other functions to process the file.