SEF Editor and PKI Editor shortcuts available after applying EPC665 to LANSA Integrator V10

Date: 1 September 2003
Product/Release: LANSA Integrator
Abstract: SEF Editor and PKI Editor shortcuts
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Last Review: November 2010

Applying EPC665 to LANSA integrator V10 brings LANSA Integrator to Version 10.0.1. After applying this EPC, two new shortcuts will be available in the LANSA folder:

  • PKI Editor
  • SEF Editor

PKI Editor:

The PKI Editor is available for use when using the secure mime feature when sending and receiving e-mails using the SMTP mail, POP3 mail and EDI-INT (AS2) services. Attempting to open the PKI Editor can display the following exception.

Attempting to open the PKI Editor can display this exception

The reason that this error is generated is because of the unavailability of three .jar files. These jar files are not shipped with LANSA Integrator as these files relate to Public Key encryption which must be purchased separately from Phaos Technology Corporation to support secure mime (SMIME). In particular, the software that needs to be purchased are:

  • Phaos Security Engine
  • Phaos CMS
  • Phaos S/MIME

Please refer to the Phaos Technology Corporation Web site for more information.

SEF Editor:

The SEF Editor is used for EDI interchange (ASC X12 or EDIFACT or Tradacom standards). It is used to confirm that an EDI interchange is valid and can generate an XML document based on the EDI interchange. Unless you are using EDI, then you will not need to access this editor.