Difference in ActiveX methods/properties between Microsoft Office Suites

Date: 18th August 2003
Product: Visual LANSA
Abstract: Difference in ActiveX methods/properties between Office Suites (for example, Office XP & Office 2000)
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Last Review: November 2010


Specific code written in a Visual LANSA component which allows integration with an Office 2000 application via ActiveX may not work for the same application integration with Office XP. In some situations, this can lead cause fatal error's in Visual LANSA.

For example, this line of code can be used to write a value to a cell in Excel from Office 2000:


However this line of code will produce a FATAL error when used to write a value to a cell in Excel from Office XP.


To make the same code work using Office XP, you will need to change the VALUE property to VALUE as thus:


The VALUE2 property will work for both Office XP and Office 2000.

Note: There may be various scenarios like this where the properties need to be changed in order for the Active X to work. Because the incompatibility lies between different versions of a 3rd party product, it is important that the developer follows this up with the 3rd party application developer itself.

Information on the different properties/methods and their functionality or use can be found on the Microsoft Web site.