Batch import of HTML – All parameters are necessary

Date: 13 October 2003
Product/Release: LANSA for iSeries/LANSA for the Web
Abstract: How can I submit a batch import of HTML?
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Last Review: November 2010


Why can I not see HTML definitions in the file [email protected] after submitted a batch import using the LANSA command?


Currently the LANSA online documentation describes some optional parameters with default values for submitting an import via the LANSA command. You need to specify these parameters in order to import HTML definitions successfully.

These parameters are:

PARM06 – Import all languages in exported data. Either Y (Yes) or N (No). Only applicable to multilingual partitions.

PARM07 – Languages to be imported. Up to 64 x 4 character language code(s) or *ALL to import all languages in list. Only applicable to multilingual partitions.

PARM08 – Default language. Default is the current language of left blank. Only applicable to multilingual partitions.

These parameters are automatically set to default values if it is applicable and left blank during the use of the LANSA command for imports.

Currently, if you do not specify these parameters into the command you cannot import HTML definitions correctly.


Using this command:

       PARM03(*EXT) PARM04('AS/400') +

will not import the HTML definition for Web components. The internal file which stores the HTML definition in [email protected] will not be updated from the batch import.

whereas using this command will work:

       PARM03(*EXT) PARM04('AS/400') +
       PARM06('NO') PARM07('*ALL') +
       PARM08('ENG') PARTITION('XXX')')

When these parameters are specified HTML definitions will be imported successfully.

Note: In fact, these parameters are optional and the defaults should be taken into account when using the LANSA command. An enhancement has been logged to improve the functionality and the online documentation will be updated to reflect this information.