How can I control the user that is attached to the LWEB_JOBS?

Date: 27 October 2005
Product/Release: LANSA for the Web
Abstract: How can I control the user that is attached to the LWEB_JOBS?
Submitted By: LANSA Services
Last Review: November 2010


How can I control the user that is attached to the LWEB_JOBS? When the LWEB_JOBs are initially started, they all appear to be started by the Host User Id set up in the Web Administrator. But over time there appear to be LWEB_JOBs that are started by the user QTMHHTP1. How can we change this so that all the LWEB_JOBs will run as the Host User Id that was set up in the Web Administrator? This would assist us greatly since we are running multiple LANSA systems and need to isolate any errors that may occur.


There are two LWEB_JOB users that we have to consider, which are different and have different functions.

  1. User Profiles that determine the access rights of the user.

    Each LWEB_JOB has a host user profile associated with it which determines the user's access rights on the host. This is controlled within the LANSA Web Administrator. When you connect, use QSECOFR level authority. Once connected, select Security/User Registration to do your configuration. There are three ways this configuration can be handled:
    1. Configure a DFTUSR entry that will be used for all LANSA Process/Functions.
    2. DFT_<partition> user (partition specific i.e. DFT_DEV)
    3. If authentication is used and the valid user profile is found within in the User Registration file then it will be used as the profile on the LWEB_JOB.

      To see the Host Profile for an LWEB_JOB, type WRKACTJOB at a command line, beside the LWEB_JOB type a 5 to Work With the job and take a 1 and you will see the value for the "Current User Profile".
  2. User that Starts the LWEB_JOB.

    An LWEB_JOB can be started in two ways.
    1. The Web Server Request Processor will start an LWEB_JOB when the site is accessed. The LWEB_JOBS will start under the default profile QTMHHT1 (HTTP Server CGI User Profile) or the user specified on the User ID directive within the HTTP Configuration.
    2. The LWEB_JOB has been pre-started by calling the [email protected] program. The signed on User Profile when program is called is the profile used for the LWEB_JOB.

      To see the User Profile for an LWEB_JOB, type WRKACTJOB at the command line and the value under the column USER is the user profile that started the LWEB_JOB.