Visual LANSA Framework with latest EPC – Partition Initialisation

Date: 17 September 2004
Product/Release: Visual LANSA Framework & the latest VLF EPC
Abstract: For Partition Initialisation and Partition creation, remove necessity of multiple imports of Visual LANSA Framework
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Last Review: November 2010


As part of the Visual LANSA installation, the Visual LANSA Framework is placed into a directory called \LANSA\Imports\VLFramework. When running a Partition Initialisation (and electing to install the Visual LANSA Framework), the Visual LANSA Framework is installed by default from this directory. 

However, when updates to the Visual LANSA Framework are shipped via EPC, the Visual LANSA Framework needs to be re-imported.

To avoid performing more than 1 Visual LANSA Framework import for each partition, you can perform the following steps once:

  1. Go to folder ....\LANSA\Imports\ rename the VLFramework folder to VLFramework_original (for example).
  2. Obtain the latest version of the Visual LANSA Framework. This is generally shipped as an EPC.
  3. Unzip the VLF_SOFTWARE.ZIP from the EPC. This will create a VLF_SOFTWARE\VLFramework folder
  4. Copy the EPC extracted VLFramework folder into the ...\LANSA\Imports\ directory
  5. The import in \LANSA\Imports\VLFramework is now at the latest EPC level.


The result is that now every time a Partition Initialisation is executed, the new version of Visual LANSA Framework (e.g. EPC738) is loaded instead of the old one.

For new partitions, this will also apply and this can save a significant amount of time if you are creating multiple Partitions.