Cannot resolve to object QXMLTOOLS in LANSA for the Web LWEB_JOBs joblogs

Date: 25 August 2005
Product/Release: LANSA for the Web (Webevent only)
Abstract: LWEB_JOB joblogs may contain "Cannot resolve to object QXMLTOOLS" message
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

When running Webevent LANSA for the Web, you may see the following error message in the LWEB_JOBs joblogs.

Cannot resolve to object QXMLTOOLS. Type and Subtype X'0401' Authority X'0000'.

This message is generated when the XML Toolkit is not installed. This toolkit is a requirement when running WAMs (Web Application Modules). When the Web job starts, it doesn't know if the requests that will come later will be for WAMs or Webevent functions, so it checks if the XML toolkit is available and if it is, it loads it. The error you see is when it is checking for the toolkit.  

As per the V11 documentation:

LANSA for the Web WAM Software Requirements
XML Toolkit. Refer to your product vendor regarding this software.

LWEB_JOB jobs handle both WAM and Webevent requests. When the LWEB_JOB is initialized it loads the XML toolkit (if available). The message you see is the result of checking the availability of the XML toolkit. The toolkit is only used by WAMs. You don't need it to run webevent functions.

However, there is an extra consideration for RDMLX Webevent. Refer to RDMLX Web functions need 5733XT1 XML Toolkit

If you are not running WAMs, you can safely ignore this message.