Using RDMLX Webevent functions as Visual LANSA Framework Filters or Command Handlers on iSeries Web Servers?

Date: 23 June 2006
Product/Release: Visual LANSA Framework EPC773 and above
Abstract: Use RDMLX Webevent functions with iSeries Web Servers
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


Note: RDMLX Webevent functions can only be used as Visual LANSA Framework filters or command handlers on systems at CU3 level or later.

So when do you need to use this tip?

Developer Console showing message

See the Note in red?

If this applies to you (ie: you are writing RDMLX webevent functions on iSeries) then you need to know about the alternate steps and checks.

Before doing this please note:

  • We recommend that you do not write RDMLX WEBEVENT functions, unless you are extending an existing L4Web application. 
  • If you are going to use RDMLX code then use WAMs instead for all new applications. 
  • If you do use RDMLX WEBEVENT functions then you need to perform the extra compile steps above. 
  • RDMLX enabled partitions may be configured so that functions are not automatically defined as RDMLX enabled.

The alternate steps and checks you need to know about to create RDMLX webevent functions on your iSeries system are:

  1. Ensure the Translation Tables are defined as follows using LANSA PCMAINT on the iSeries for your PC. 

    Table In . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *LIBL/L4WEBCDIC 
    Table Out . . . . . . . . . . . . . *LIBL/L4WASCII 
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  2. Make a copy of the DW_PROC.S file in your partition source directory 
    e.g. C:\Program Files\LANSA\X_WIN95\X_LANSA\x_dem\source
  3. Rename the copied file (in Step 2) to YOUR process name, e.g My_Proc.s.
  4. After the skeleton file is renamed , compile the function (with generating HTML) on the PC.
  5. Check in and Compile the process and the function (but DO NOT Generate HTML).
  6. Execute VLF as Web application and the RDMLX function should worked as expected. 


Current Situation – LANSA V11 system with iSeries Web Servers before CU3.

  • You cannot write RDMLX WEBEVENT functions
  • You can write RDMLX WAMs (in fact there are no other types of WAMs).

Current Situation – LANSA V11 system with iSeries Web Servers after CU3      

  • You can write RDMLX WEBEVENT functions.
  • You can still write RDMLX WAMs (of course).