Various ways to start a deployed VLF Web Application with a long URL

Date: 25 September 2006
Product/Release: Visual LANSA Framework
Abstract: Some options to start a deployed VLF Web Application on the browser
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

There are options to start my deployed VLF Web browser application on browsers.

Imagine that the URL needed to start your deployed was:


You can easily run this URL on the browser with the following methods:

Option 1: Create a short cut on their desktop that resolves to the URL

You can even create the shortcut on your desktop, then drag and drop it into an e-mail. The e-mail recipients can then drag and drop it from the e-mail onto their desktops. When they click on the shortcut on their desktop the Web browser will be started.

Option 2: Create a simplified start up HTML file

If you create a HTML file named MyApplication.htm (say) on your Web server that contains HTML like this:

	<head><title>My Application</title>
	<body onload='window.location.replace("http://nnn.nn.nn.nn/vf_sy001_system_ENG_XP.HTM?Partition=PRO+SwitchTo=xxxx+SwitchObject=xxxxx+SwitchCommand=xxxxxxx+WAMTrans=C+WAMHelp=Y");'>

Then the users only ever need to type in http://nnn.nn.nn.nn/MyApplication.htm to start the application. An additional benefit is that you can change the parameters used in MyApplication.htm at any time without the users needing to change what they do. Of course you can still use option 1 to avoid typing in any URL at all.