Layout changes by the FLA (Form Layout Assistant) can be reverted back to a previous version

Date: 11 October 2006
Product/Release: Visual LANSA Framework
Abstract: How to remove or revert changed layouts made by the FLA
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

The Visual LANSA Framework has a tool called the FLA (ie. Form Layout Assistant). This can be used to alter the appearance of Visual LANSA Framework Filters or Command Handlers. This tool interactively changes field sizes, locations, colors, text alignments as well as to format Fast Parts and browselists.

You can use this to alter the appearance of Webevent Web applications in just few options and clicks.

Form Layout Assistant screen

All layout changes with the FLA are stored in JavaScript files on the Web server images directory (the option to control where file VLF_FLA_<function>.JS files are stored can be found on the Web Details Framework property tab. See the option Keep Form Layout Assistant (FLA) files in partition subdirectories in the Visual LANSA Framework guide for more details).

Q1. Can I revert back to previous version of my layout changes?

A. Yes. Every time you save some layout changes, the existing VLF_FLA_<function>.JS is copied it to a file named:

VLF_FLA_SAVED_VERSION_<function>_UTC_<stamp>.js where <stamp> is formatted as YYYYMMDDHHMMSSMMM in UTC time.

You can delete the version that you do not wish to use and revert back to the previous layout.

The VLF_FLA_SAVED_VERSION_* files form a change history of your layout changes. You should periodically delete old versions that are no longer required.

To revert to an earlier version of your layout changes:

  • Exit from your Framework application
  • Locate the VLF_FLA_SAVED_VERSION_*.js file that reflects the version of your changes you wish to revert to.
  • Locate and delete the current VLF_FLA_<function>.JS file.
  • Copy the VLF_FLA_SAVED_VERSION_*.js file to create a new version of the file named VLF_FLA_<function>.JS.
  • Start the Framework again.

Q2. Can I delete my layout changes?

A. Yes. To delete your layout changes, locate the desired VLF_FLA_<function>.JS file in your LANSA for the Web images directory and delete it.