How to debug an RDMLX function executing on iSeries using the VL IDE Debugger

Date: Archived
Product/Release: Visual LANSA pre-V11 SP5
Abstract: Steps to debug RDMLX functions executing directly on an iSeries using the VL IDE Debugger
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

Note: A new and simpler debugging mechanism has been introduced in V11 SP5 and the steps below are no longer required. Refer to the V11 SP5 and above documentation for further details on debugging in later versions.

The following steps are only applicable in pre-V11 SP5 for RDMLX functions running on the server and does not apply to debugging SuperServer functions.

Steps to debug RDMLX functions executing directly on an iSeries using the VL IDE Debugger:

  1. Ensure the LANSA listener is running on the PC to be used for debugging (debug host) so that inbound requests from the iSeries can be processed.
  2. Add a routing entry on the iSeries where you will execute the RDMLX function using either LANSA CONFIGURE or program W3@P2901. Define a host name and the IP address of the debug host and ensure the port matches the listener port for the VL system. You must make sure that the iSeries can resolve the TCP/IP host name to the correct IP address of the debug host - confirm this using the ping command from an iSeries command line.
  3. On the debug host, create a Windows user named XDBG_USER. Add this user to the Administrator group and set the password to never expire. Any password can be assigned to this user as it will be dynamically changes for security reasons.
  4. Start the VL IDE that will be used for debugging the RDMLX functions.
  5. Note that functions to be debugged must have been built on the iSeries with the debug option.
  6. Execute the iSeries RDMLX function from a command entry line using additional X_RUN arguments DBUG=Y DBHT={host name} to start debugging the RDMLX on iSeries using the VL IDE Debugger where {host name} is the name specified in step 2.

For example, from an iSeries command line executing the RDMLX function XXXFUNC in debug using the VL IDE Debugger on the debug host configured as MYPCNAME:


You have the ability to debug WAMs & RDMLX Webevent functions executing on iSeries in the VL IDE Debugger automatically and it is planned to also support the debug of SuperServer called RDMLX functions in the same way.