How to allow for more than 20 concurrent connections to an Adaptive Sybase Anywhere (ASA) Database

Date: 10 January 2007
Product/Release: Visual LANSA V11.3
Abstract: How to increase the number of ASA database connections
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

Adaptive Sybase Anywhere (ASA) Database (shipped with LANSA) has built-in default of 20 concurrent connections. This may not be sufficient for some organizations.

This number can be changed or increased by using the -gn paramerter on the database start line.

-gn parameter must be set up to number of connections line -gn 25 Syntax { dbsrv9 | dbeng9 } -gn integer

Number of tasks: The -gn option controls the number of tasks used to process requests.

Effectively, this is the number of requests that can be handled concurrently. Each request uses a task. When there are more requests than there are tasks, any outstanding requests must wait until a currently-running task completes. By default, there are 20 tasks for the network database server and 10 tasks for the personal database server. There is no benefit to setting a number of tasks that is greater than the maximum number of server connections.