Skype takes over the http port and causes LANSA for Web operations to fail

Date: 10 January 2007
Product/Release: LANSA for Web V11.3
Abstract: LANSA for Web operations may no longer work after installing skype.
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

Installing Skype has been seen to interfere with existing LANSA for the Web applications/operations. This is because Skype takes over the HTTP Port and confuses IIS.

What can happen is that if Skype is started before IIS, it will use port 80/443 before IIS can do so. Which can mean that you won't get any page served by IIS (through these ports only, other ports used by IIS are not affected).

Even if IIS is set to start automatically as a service and Skype is to be started upon logon, the conflict can occur as it depends on timing.

To avoid this problem, you can disable the checkbox to use port 80 and 443 in Skype under Options -> Connection.