Incorrect regional settings appearing for Web applications

Date: 14 May 2007
Product/Release: LANSA for the web
Abstract: Incorrect Regional settings appearing when running Web applications
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


During execution of Web applications, including WAMs, incorrect regional settings are appearing. This would mainly affect regions that use the comma as a decimal point. For example, a decimal point appears instead of a comma for the decimal separator.

Possible Cause:

Regional settings on Windows are per user. To ensure that Regional Settings are correct for LANSAWeb and WAM applications, check that the user that has been specified to connect from Internet Information Services (IIS) to the data application server has the correct regional settings.

This would be the user specified within the LANSA Web Administrator configuration file L4W3serv.cfg in Maintain Systems under Data Application Server.


If settings are incorrect, log into Windows as the user that connects to the data application server and then modify using Control Panel, Regional Settings.