The list of saved Frameworks in the 'Select Framework File' window can be customized

Date: 4 July 2007
Product/Release: Visual LANSA Framework
Abstract: Save different Frameworks using Designer mode
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

You can have lots of Framework designs in one Visual LANSA Framework development system.

During start up of the Framework you will be asked to choose which saved version you want to use in a window like this:

Select Framework File screen

Say you have 5 different Framework designs and each of them has been saved using the 'SAVE AS' functionality in Framework Designer.

This will produce 5 XML files with the name that you have nominated during the save of each Framework.

After a lot of development you may now have a large list of Framework designs. In this situation, you can customize the list to

  • remove unused or unwanted Framework versions
  • set a default Framework

If you want to customize this list (e.g. to rename or delete the list of files etc...) then keep in mind of the following points:

  • The displayed list of choices comes from a text file that is defined in your VLF system entry point.
  • In the shipped entry point UF_DESGN it uses a file called 'vf_sy001_system_choice.txt' with this line of code:
* Nominate the XML file containing the Framework design
Set Com(#Com_Owner) Usystemxmlfile('vf_sy001_system.xml')
  • vf_sy001_system_choice.txt is stored in the Visual LANSA system partition execute folder

    Note: this means that it is shared on multi-developer systems.
  • The last Framework used is stored in a file named 'vf_sy001_system_choice_Last_Used.txt'. 

This 'vf_sy001_system_choice_Last_Used.txt' file resides in your personal temporary directory as it reflects what you used last. By changing the value in this file, you can set the default Framework. So, when the 'Select Framework File' window is shown, the Framework stored in 'vf_sy001_system_choice_Last_Used.txt' will be the one highlighted (defaulted to).