Why do I get a 'Startup' macro error when running my RAMP application?

Date: 26th July 2007
Product/Release: Visual LANSA Framework and Newlook
Abstract: What is a 'Startup' macro and why do I get an error on this when running my RAMP application?
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


You may experience the following 'Startup' macro error when running your RAMP application.

Startup macro run-time error

This is actually a Newlook 'Startup' macro shipped in the older versions of Newlook (this does not come shipped with Newlook version 8).

This is not shipped Visual LANSA Framework.

It is used for the execution of Newlook's samples and it will be executed when a Newlook session starts.

Developers can use this to initiate functionality such as connecting to host, initiating variables, navigation to specific screen etc...

The reason why you would have this macro in Newlook 8 could be that the old .sid file was upgraded into the new build of Newlook.

But whether it exists or not, this functionality would not have been triggered unless the macro has been modified from it's original state.


If you hit this error there are a few things to check:

  1. Open the macro in the Newlook Macro Editor and refer to the line of code that has caused the error and correct the code.
  2. If this macro is not required then simply delete it or comment it out.

    To comment out each line of code put a single quote as the first character in the Label column similar to the Newlook's copyright comment line:
Commenting out the macro

A good habit is to rename the newlook.sid, create a copy of the default.sid and use that as the newlook.sid before starting a newlook/RAMP project. This can avoid using all the sample macros and screens from Newlook if you do not wish to use them in your project.