Improved version of the Visual LANSA Framework Demonstration Application for use in RDMLX partitions

Date: 4th October 2007
Product/Release: Visual LANSA Framework V11.3 and above
Abstract: A new Visual LANSA Framework Demonstration Application using vf_sy001_system_Lastshipped.xml
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

The Visual LANSA Framework has introduced a new set of demonstration objects with shipped source code ready for execution as Windows or Web applications. This set of new of demonstration objects is shipped via EPC.

Visual LANSA Framework demonstration application example screen

As an example, when you install the new Visual LANSA Framework, you will see this new demonstration application when using the shipped file called 'VF_SY001_SYSTM.XML'.

(The new demonstration application was shipped via Visual LANSA Framework EPC. Please check our LANSA website to see what EPCs are currently available


The new shipped demonstration material will replace the old demonstration material.

To see the new demonstration design, locate a file called 'VF_SY001_SYSTEM_LASTSHIPPED.XML' in your Visual LANSA partition execute folder and rename it to 'VF_SY001_SYSTEM.XML'.

The previous version of VF_SY001_SYSTEM.XML file will not be altered by VF_SY001_SYSTM.XML as it may contain your existing design and if so you should rename this.  If you do not need this you should delete it.

Note: The old demonstration application should be removed from any existing Framework Applications as it may no longer function correctly.

To open the New Demonstration Application design simply start the Visual LANSA Framework as a Designer and select to open the VF_SY001_SYSTEM.XML (which is the file renamed from VF_SY001_SYSTEM_LASTSHIPPED.XML).

The demonstration application should be used in an RDMLX partition only.

LANSA shipped demonstration data & tables should also be imported before executing the VLF Demonstration application (at Visual LANSA Partition Initialization Window, use the option to install LANSA demonstration tables and data).