How to make a JIT deployment package smaller for quicker download

Date: 30th November 2007
Product/Release: Visual LANSA - All Versions
Abstract: Options to make the JIT download package smaller
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

This tip expands upon the section Reduce Download time in the LANSA Application Deployment Tool guide.

This section states:

Downloads of any LANSA Package can be reduced if the BOOT directory is installed on the target PC during the first Package download. The BOOT directory will then only need to be reloaded if an out of date copy of the installer images is found.

To install a copy of the BOOT directory on the target PC specify Yes for the Install BOOT Directory SETUP parameter when defining the first package and set to No when defining the options and setting for subsequent packages. Its important to understand the impact of the Install Boot Directory option.

It has two possibilities:

Yes - Create a copy of the BOOT images on the target system. A copy of the Installation images will be copied to the location.

No - Do not create a copy of the BOOT images on the target system.

BOOT images refers to the LANSA runtime images ie. the LANSA runtime environment required to execute your deployed application. If you never set the Install Boot Directory option to Yes, then the runtime images will be downloaded with each JIT package. Importantly, they will be downloaded each time even if the Install Boot Directory option is set to No (because it requires the runtime images to execute the deployed application). Install BOOT Dir also takes a copy of the standard Installer objects which means that these also wont need to be copied down for each new package.

In which case, the recommended technique would be to set the Install Boot Directory option to Yes on the first package deployed to the clients and then to set the Install Boot Directory option to No for all subsequent JIT packages. This will significantly reduce the download size of the JIT packages.

Note: When upgrading the version of LANSA via JIT package, you will again want to set Install BOOT Directory to Yes. Otherwise the upgraded runtime (and Installer objects) won't get saved on the client and will again need to be downloaded with every subsequent package.

Other options to consider:

– If you JIT update package currently includes any of the following package settings:

  • Deploy LANSA Execution Environment
  • Deploy with component support
  • Deploy LANSA Communications

Then these package settings will not be required on subsequent upgrade packages, unless the LANSA version you are deploying from has been upgraded since the last package was created.

– You should also consider the Zipped for Internet option, which creates the smallest possible package. Although this Deployment Option's purpose is to deploy from an FTP server it is not compulsory to do so.

– One final consideration is that even if the JIT update package is a certain size, this does not necessarily mean that this is the package size that is eventually downloaded to the clients. So, for example, if your JIT update package is 5MB (made up of 1MB of user objects/DLLs and 4MB of LANSA setup objects), depending on the options discussed above, the size of the download to the clients might only be 1MB of user objects.