Temporary files created in the folder X_LANSA on the IFS are not deleted and can take up significant space

Date: 19 March 2009
Product/Release: LANSA for iSeries/LANSA for the Web
Abstract: Temporary files created in the folder X_LANSA on the IFS are not deleted. Builds up to a substantial amount.
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


There might be unknown or unwanted files in your /[email protected]/x_lansa system i IFS folder.

For instance, the files could have a similar naming standard as the following:

... ...

Depending on what generates theses files, there could potentially be lots of them which are empty however there could be others with data to the extent of 2 gigabytes in size.


The most common reason for the existence of these files is due to the usage and creation of reports in LANSA. The reports create temporarily files in the default temporary directory, generally the X_LANSA folder. These files do not have any use thereafter and do not need to be there and can be cleared out.

Care should be taken when cleaning out the unnecessary temporary files to make sure that other required files are not deleted.

A cleaner solution would be to use the TPTH x_run parameter to set a custom folder to store the temporary files. This folder can then be periodically cleaned out without affecting other required files that exist in the default x_lansa folder.

Param. Meaning / Values Req Default Value
TPTH Fully qualified directory for temporary files. Requires an ending '\' No Environment variable TEMP or TMP or x_LANSA\ on the DRIV=path.

For instance, if TPTH is set to '[email protected]/mytemp'' in the X_LANSA.PRO file then all the files of the above type will end up in the TPTH designated folder, thereby

  1. cleaning up this folder will be easy as all files in that folder are only temporary files and can be deleted
  2. allows the X_LANSA folder to be free of unnecessary temporary files

Refer to the online guides for further details of the TPTH x_run parameter and the x_lansa.pro file.