Why are the Generate XSL options grayed out?

Date: 15 April 2010
Product/Release: Visual LANSA IDE - All Versions
Abstract: Compiling WAMs using the right-click menu may cause the XSL generation options to be greyed out
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


If you come across a situation where the XSL generation options are grayed out as per the screenshot below, it is most likely due to the fact that the object is currently open in the IDE.

Compile Options


When you right-click and compile an object in the repository browser, or from the context menu you are performing what is called a 'batch compile':

Selecting compile from the right click menu

Selecting compile from the context menu

An batch compile differs from a regular 'interactive compile' (pressing Ctrl + Shift + C from within the object, or when selecting Compile from the Verify menu), in that you will not see the normal compile progress bar on the screen, only the results in the Compile tab:

View the results in the Comple tab

To regenerate the XSL, the compiler must be able to lock the object for exclusive use, but for a batch compile that is not possible if the object is already open in the IDE. With an interactive compile the object is able to be locked, hence the 'refresh' of the object that you see when you do a compile.

Therefore, in order to regenerate the XSL, either open the WAM and do an interactive compile, or ensure the WAM is not open before starting the batch compile.