High Availability (Mirroring) on IBM i for LANSA

Date: 20 January 2015
Product/Release: LANSA for iSeries - All supported versions
Abstract: Some suggestions on how to set up High Availability (Mirroring) on IBM i for LANSA
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Updated: 11 January 2017

When setting up High Availability (or Mirroring such as Mimix or Maxava) with LANSA, it is as much about the objects that you don’t duplicate as the ones you do. Certain files will cause problems if duplicated on the backup system.

Duplicate all LANSA system and Partition libraries and IFS folders, including your image folders (for Web applications etc.). For further information, refer to Transferring Complete LANSA Systems between IBM i Systems in the Introduction to LANSA for iSeries guide.

LANSA License

Version 13 and later License considerations
Unless the mirror system has the same serial number, model, etc, then the /LANSA_<program library>/license/x_lic_<model>_<serial number> file, located in the IFS, for that machine should not be mirrored.
The data area <pgmlib>/DCXALIC should not need to be mirrored (located in the LANSA Program Library).
See the following for more information on License Consolidation: Consolidating LANSA licenses into a central location in V13.

Version 12 License considerations
You should exclude the data in the source LANSA files [email protected] and [email protected] as part of the mirroring or backup. (located in the LANSA Data Library)

Model B Web
You should exclude:
[email protected] - session info
http server job
lweb_wsrv job

Model A Web
You should exclude:
[email protected] - http server job#, lweb_job#
[email protected] - runtime bl data
[email protected] - timedout bl data
[email protected] - restart links
[email protected] - timed out web jobs

You should exclude:
[email protected] - Session Data
[email protected] - Session Fields
[email protected] - Session
Note: [email protected] and [email protected] no longer exist in V14.

Web Pages (V14 only):
No Exclusions

Apache error logs
The Apache error logs can be omitted
/LANSA_<program library>/webserver/www/logs/access*
/LANSA_<program library>/webserver/www/logs/error*

These IFS folders can be omitted too
/LANSA_<program library>/log
/LANSA_<program library>/support
/LANSA_<program library>/tmp

LANSA Integrator
If you use LANSA Integrator, the following objects, if they exist, should not be backed up from the source IFS directory to the target IFS directory. These files will be automatically recreated when you start JSM on the target system. Furthermore, duplicating these files on the backup system is likely to cause problems.
Note: some or all of these objects may not exist as they are dependent on the version of LANSA Integrator being mirrored.
     /LANSA_<program library>/jsm/instance/temp/

     /LANSA_<program library>/jsm/instance/www/instance/logs/

     /LANSA_<program library>/jsm/instance/system/

Also, the LANSA Integrator trace files can be quite large and should be omitted. Note: the base trace folder in the jsm instance is required but all sub folders can be omitted.

That is, /LANSA_<program library>/jsm/instance/trace is required, but all folders under this can be omitted.