Some tips for diagnosing unresponsive browser issues in VLF Web

Date: 26 March 2012
Product/Release: Visual LANSA Framework - All Versions
Abstract: Displaying script debugging errors can help diagnose browser issues in VLF Web
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

Below are some tips when diagnosing issues on VLF Web, particularly issues where the browser is unresponsive. The steps to follow are different, depending on the browser.

To debug browser problems:

Internet Explorer

Under the Tools menu, Internet Options, Advanced tab:

  • Disable script debugging is unchecked
  • Display a notification about every script error is checked

IE Advanced Settings

With those settings, when there is a JavaScript error a window like this should appear:

JavaScript error

Select the box {Use the built-in script debugger in Internet Explorer} which will display a window with error highlighted like this:

Debugger error

Firefox, Chrome and Safari:

Unlike IE, the errors will not show but they will be recorded into their respective web consoles.

When the browser seems not to be responsive it is probably because some error has occurred.

Firefox and Chrome: press Ctrl+Shift+J

Firefox Error Console:

Firefox Error Console

Chrome error console:

Chrome Error Console

Safari: press Ctrl+Alt+C


Depending on which browser you are using, follow the settings listed above to retrieve the error information and send it to LANSA Support. This information will be very useful for technical support purposes.

Note: While you may be able to use the debugging to determine why the browser has become unresponsive or has generated an error, the main reason for enabling the script debugging and retrieving the error is so that the details can be sent to LANSA Support for diagnosing why the error is being generated.