Adopting DirectX in Visual LANSA applications

Date: 5 March 2013
Product/Release: Visual LANSA V13
Abstract: Information regarding the implementation of DirectX in Visual LANSA applications
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

Visual LANSA version 13 now has a choice of application rendering engine: the old Win32 or the new DirectX.

Using DirectX as a rendering engine is a necessary step forward for the LANSA runtime, and will help to keep Visual LANSA at the forefront of Windows application development as point and click desktop applications make way for touch friendly web and tablet style user interfaces.

With the inevitable rise of Windows 8, hybrid laptop/tablets and mobile computing, application styles are changing rapidly, and version 13 introduces new user designed controls, dynamic styles, mouse events, popups, animations and more.

Technology Insurance

With the change of a single flag, existing applications can start using the DirectX engine and will run exactly as they did in version 12. LANSA has gone to great lengths to make sure that “flicking the switch” and adopting the DirectX runtime, is as trouble free as possible.

However, despite LANSA’s best efforts, there are few scenarios where the adoption of a new technology has led to the occasional concession. This document outlines these issues and provides a practical approach to managing the resulting development challenges.

This is a valuable document for all customers looking to incorporate DirectX as part of their LANSA strategy.

Adopting DirectX