How to run PASE sanity tests to verify if it is working on IBM i

Date: 25  July 2013
Product/Release: LANSA on IBM i - supported versions
Abstract: Sanity tests you can run if you need to verify that PASE is working on IBM i
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

PASE Sanity Tests
LANSA ships four PASE test executables. Each progressively tests that PASE is working.

  1. w3xpaset1: Tests that PASE is working
  2. w3xpaset2: Tests that C/C++ runtime libraries can be loaded.
  3. w3xpaset3: Tests that liblxutil can be loaded
  4. w3xpaset4: Tests that libw3xs4210c can be loaded

How to run these tests:

Note: Names are case sensitive.

  1. Start the AIX shell (CALL PGM(QP2TERM))
  2. Make the LANSA PASE bin directory your current directory: cd /QOpenSys/LANSA_<pgmlib>/x_lansa/bin
  3. Run "export LIBPATH=."
  4. Run each of the above test programs in sequence, starting with w3xpaset1 (Just type the name and press enter)