Uploading large images with LongRange via LANSA for the Web

Date: 18 August 2014
Product/Release: LANSA for the Web All Supported versions
Abstract: Uploading large images with LongRange
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

A very useful feature of LongRange for LANSA is to give users the ability to upload images from mobile devices to a server via LANSA for the Web.

However, with the ever increasing image sizes (and therefore file sizes) you may incur an issue with LANSA for the Web not being able to upload the larger images.

There is an easy solution for this that can be changed via the LANSA Web Administrator.

  1. From the Visual LANSA Settings folder, open the Web Administrator.
  2. From the Options menu go to Local Configuration and Select the configuration that is used by LANSA for the Web.
  3. Go to the Tools Menu and select Web Server...
  4. Now, change the Post Data Size limit to something that is around the file size of the image files poduced by your device. For example an iPad may be produce an image of 13 MB so the size limit should be changed to 14MB.
  5. Save the changes, exit and retest you image uploading functionality.

A note of caution regarding the Post Data Size limit. This value should not be set to a huge value as a 'just in case' measure as this may introduce unexpected behaviour. Setting this value just above your largest image size is a better approach.