How to check if the version of JTOpen in use is the latest version

Date: 17 May 2016
Product/Release: LANSA Integrator - All supported versions
Abstract: Checking the version of JTOpen in LANSA Integrator
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


Each delivery of LANSA Integrator includes the latest JTOpen jt400.jar file as LANSA always tests and develops with the latest version. JTOpen is the IBM Toolbox for Java and is required by some LANSA Integrator services, for example, PDFSpoolFileService. Refer to the LANSA Integrator guide in the Online LANSA guides for more details.

If you install a new version of LANSA Integrator, you will get the latest version of JTOpen shipped with the product.

However, if you upgrade to a new version of LANSA Integrator, the upgrade logic does not replace an existing ./jar/jt400.jar, because you may rely on a particular version and replacing JTOpen with a new version might cause fuctionality and features to behave differently or not function at all.

The side effect of this policy is that your jt400.jar might be quite old, especially if you have been upgrading LANSA Integrator from version to version over many years.

You can check what version of JTOpen is in use. When LANSA Integrator starts, the JTOpen version is printed to STDOUT.TXT

IBM Toolbox for Java:
Open Source Software, JTOpen 9.0, codebase 5770-SS1 V7R3M0.00 built=20160302 @Q10
Supports JDBC version 3.0
Toolbox driver version 11.0

If you want to migrate to the latest, it is possible to download the latest JTOpen from

Alternatively, you could install a new LANSA Integrator at the latest level and use the jt400.jar from this system.

Note: it is always very important to conduct a thorough round of testing after replacing the jt400.jar with a newer version before going live.