Java compliance - impacts on LANSA

Date: 11 January 2017
Product/Release: LANSA Integrator - All supported versions
Abstract: Impacts on LANSA of Oracle enforcing Java compliance
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Updated: 23 October 2018

Updated Compliance Statement:

Further to our original compliance statement below, the latest update from LANSA is that Oracle have continued to progress their Java SE compliance and have announced the End of Public Updates for Oracle JDK 8.
Refer to the following Overview page for details:
This page contains a link to the Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap 

LANSA customers who do not want commercial support or enterprise management tools (*) can instead use Oracle's OpenJDK 8 build.
Oracle recommends that those choosing not to renew Java SE instead transition to OpenJDK 8 binaries from the company, before their subscription ends. Doing so will let users keep running applications uninterrupted.
(*) LANSA products do not require enterprise management tools.

The Java SE changes from Oracle have the potential to impact LANSA customers. LANSA will provide the following product updates:

V14 SP2
- LANSA will provide a new V14 SP2 DVD spin that ships OpenJDK 8. Installing LANSA V14 SP2 from this spin will install and configure OpenJDK 8 for use with LANSA Integrator.
- After installing from this spin, LANSA deployments will also incorporate OpenJDK 8 when LANSA Integrator is deployed.

Note: LANSA Composer V7.0 will also ship with OpenJDK 8 on the client and server.

V13 SP2
- LANSA Integrator at V13 SP2 level will also be affected by the Oracle Java SE changes.
- There are no plans to provide a new DVD image for V13 SP2.
- LANSA customers installing V13 SP2 will be required to download and install OpenJDK 8 or Oracle JDK 8 themselves.
- LANSA will provide detailed instructions for the changes required for V13 SP2 to continue to work with OpenJDK 8.

Original Compliance Statement:

Oracle is approaching Java customer and partners which it claims are out of compliance on Java. There are many articles online explaining the development but the following is an extract from one such article on The Register
Java SE is free but Java SE Advanced Desktop, Advanced and Suite are not. Java SE Suite, for example, costs $300 per named user with a support bill of $66; there’s a per-processor option of $15,000 with a $3,300 support bill. Java SE comes with the free JDK and JRE, but Advanced Desktop, Advanced and Suite layer in additional capabilities such as Java Mission Control and Flight Recorder also known as JRockit Mission Control and JRockit Flight Recorder.

What does this mean for LANSA?

On Windows, customers are required to download Java SE, if they do not already have a supported Java version installed, when they install Visual LANSA.

On IBM i, Java is provided as a licensed IBM product.

Using LANSA Integrator, there is not a requirement for the Advanced Desktop, Advanced or Suite layers. LANSA customers use the JRE to run LANSA Integrator services. LANSA customers use the JDK for Integrator Studio usage. Both of these are free and therefore not affected by the compliance question.