Altova Mapforce licensing changes - impacts on LANSA Composer

Date: 11 December 2017
Product/Release: LANSA Composer - All versions
Abstract: Impacts on LANSA Composer of Altova Mapforce switch from concurrent licensing to Server licensing
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

With the recent release of the Altova Mapforce 2018 product line, there has been a change to the licensing model used by Altova.

Previously, licenses received from Altova were concurrent licenses. These had an extension of *.altova_license and could be applied by double clicking on the license file which in turn opened the license wizard.

With the latest version of Mapforce 2018, Altova will now only issue license server style licenses for its development suite across all versions of Mapforce, not just Mapforce 2018, meaning the license that you receive, whether newly purchased or renewed, will be a server license, with an extension of *.altova_license_server. You can still apply this license by double clicking on the license file which will open the license server (if installed).

Note: If you try to apply this license without having downloaded and installed the Altova License server, you will encounter an error similar to
You cannot Unlock the installed edition of the product with the entered keycode. You can use the keycode only for Altova LicenseSever.

To install the Altova License server, you must download from their web site
Altova LicenseServer provides a central location for the management of licenses for Altova products. The easy-to-use, browser-based interface gives a comprehensive view of license usage and makes managing and assigning licenses a breeze. - Altova.

For help on how to apply licenses via this method visit

For questions on Altova licensing, you can check here