Visual LANSA Tips

Date Version Tip  
Aug 03, 2016 All Using Mircosoft SQL Stored Procedures with LANSA
How to use free format Select SQL to access stored procedures in Microsoft SQL
May 13, 2016 V14 How to test your Web Configuration is running
Easy ways to test your web site is correctly configured
Apr 1, 2016 V14 Steps to enable debugging for Web in V14
How to enable web debugging in V14
May 18, 2015 V12 & V13 SP2 Guidelines for upgrading Visual LANSA V12 SP1 to V13 SP2 including the SQL Server Instance
Considerations and guidelines for migrating from V12 SP1 with SQL Server 2008 to V13 SP2 with SQL Server 2012.
Apr 14, 2015 V13 The 'Enable for Long names' option has moved
The option to 'Enable for Long names' is no longer a partion level setting.
Mar 20, 2015 All Understanding how DateTime fields work in LANSA
Understanding how LANSA treats DateTime fields can explain why they can appear to show incorrect values.
Jan 20, 2015 V13 SP2 Digitally signing LANSA application DLLs
Suggested process for signing LANSA Application DLLs
Oct 09, 2014 V13 LANSA's support for databases in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and how to Shard in LANSA
This article is a review of Azure SQL Database
Oct 08, 2014 V13 SP2 Using Custom Settings for V13 SP2 Deployments
The MSI installation can be customized in V13 SP2 using a set of custom setting options when building the package.
Apr 16, 2014 V13 SP1 How to view mapped drives on Windows 8 during Visual LANSA Network Client Installation
Unavailable mapped drives on Windows 8 during Visual LANSA Network Client Installation
Oct 04, 2013 All Using Kerberos (Windows authentication) with more than one server
Specific steps must be taken to configure kerberos on a server which then accesses data/files on another server - also known as multi-hop
Jul 01, 2013 V13 SP1 Additional features for Table Layout in V13 SP1
Version 13 introduced Table Layout which represents a new approach to control positioning and resizing. V13 SP1 builds on this base, providing additional features for Table Layout.
Jun 25, 2013 V13 Automatic creation of dump files for unhandled exceptions in Visual LANSA V13
In V13, a dump file is automatically created in the event of an unhandled exception occurring in Visual LANSA.
May 14, 2013 V13 Always use the short name (Identifier) when plugging components into the Visual LANSA Framework
Why you must always use the Identifier when specifying which component or function to use as filters, command handlers and imbedded interface points in V13
Apr 24, 2013 EPC970 VLF-Web page source on mobile devices
What to setup in order to view VLF-Web source code on mobile devices
Apr 17, 2013 All How to prefill a user in the Visual LANSA Framework Web login dialog
Steps to change the prefilled username to something else or blanks in the Visual LANSA Framework signon dialog
Apr 17, 2013 All Setting up Visual LANSA Framework Web configuration for cross browsers support
Steps to setup the Visual LANSA Framework for cross-browsers support
Apr 11, 2013 V13 Understanding DirectX Styles in Visual LANSA applications
Information regarding the implementation of Styles in DirectX in Visual LANSA applications
Mar 05, 2013 V13 Adopting DirectX in Visual LANSA applications
Information regarding the implementation of DirectX in Visual LANSA applications
Feb 13, 2013 V13 Understanding the Tree User Design Control in Visual LANSA V13
An example of the Tree User Design Control usage in Visual LANSA V13
Jan 31, 2013 V13 Understanding Carousel and User Designed Controls in Visual LANSA V13
An example of Carousel and User Designed Controls usage in Visual LANSA V13
Jan 31, 2013 V13 PNG images in LANSA V13
PNG images can be used in Visual LANSA V13. The PNG images used in the Visual LANSA IDE are available on request.
Jun 13, 2012 V11 SP5 How to ensure a particular row stays at the bottom of a grid/list during sort
One method for ensuring a particular row (i.e. Totals Row) stays at the bottom of a grid, while other rows can be sorted.
Nov 12, 2011 V11 SP5 Guide to configuring an Oracle database for a LANSA installation
A guide to the configuration of an Oracle database for use by a Visual LANSA installation (either development or production).
Sep 23, 2011 V11 & V12 Search/Highlight Audit Stamps in RDML source code
How to search and highlight specific lines of code based on the Audit Stamp.
Jul 02, 2011 V12 Adding shortcuts to the desktop with a Deployment Tool Package
How to use After-Install Commands to add your own shortcuts to the Desktop.
May 30, 2011 V11 & V12 Technique to prevent long running process windows from being "ghosted"
A technique to prevent long running forms/processes from being 'ghosted' by Windows and marked as not responding.
Feb 08, 2011 V12 Why are my repository objects greyed out?
Status of Objects in the Repository can now be easily distinguished based on their colour/highlighting
Aug 12, 2010 V12 How to establish that you are using SSL in your V12 Client/Server connection
Test to determine that you are using SSL for your connections after enabling SSL for Client/Server connections.
Jul 29, 2010 V12 Trapping and handling Active-X Exceptions at runtime
Active-X Exception Handling now traps failed HRESULT values in Visual LANSA at runtime so that they do not cause application failures.
Jul 09, 2010 V12 Customise the "Enter" Key in to not behave like a tab key by default
How to change the default behavior of the numeric "Enter" key to behave either as a Tab or Enter key.
Apr 15, 2010 All Why are the generate XSL options greyed out?
Compiling WAMs using the right-click menu may cause the XSL generation options to be greyed out.
Jan 20, 2010 V11 & V12 Steps to migrate your database from ASA to SQL Server 2008 Express
Steps to migrate your development database from V11 and ASA to V12 and SQL Server 2008 Express
Jan 05, 2010 RAMP-TS host added as a Trusted Site when executing in End User mode
If a RAMP-TS application can be executed in Designer mode but failed in an End User mode with errors, you need to add your host into trusted sites list to execute it Effects: Visual LANSA Framework & RAMP TS
Dec 21, 2009 Using the deployment tool to export object source and all its dependent objects
It is possible to use the Deployment Tool to make sure all objects are included
Dec 08, 2009 V11 SP5 Enabling custom End User tracing in your application
How make use of a Visual LANSA tracing feature in RDMLX applications
Sep 02, 2009 V11 SP5 How to create a tree view with a different background color for each level
Sample code to create a tree view with a different background colour for each level
Aug 01, 2009 All Planned Support of Windows Server 2008 R2 by LANSA
LANSA support for Windows Server 2008 R2
Aug 01, 2009 All Planned support of Windows 7 by LANSA
LANSA support for Windows 7
Jun 30, 2009 Using Command Handlers to do simple prompts
How to use Command Handlers as prompting assistants in the Visual LANSA Framework
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
May 18, 2009 EPC839 Backup your screens in RAMP-TS
While developing in RAMP-TS it is more manageable for each developer to configure to have their own folder which keeps their screens in isolation from other developers
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
May 15, 2009 Getting started with RAMP-TS in EPC839
To get started with RAMP-TS you need to start with a framework that has no RAMP-NL details associated with it
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework & RAMP-TS
Apr 29, 2009 How to control the sequence of commands displayed in an instance list right click popup menu
To control the sequence of commands displayed in an instance list, right click, popup menu use the sequence property located in Framework -> Commands
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Apr 01, 2009 How do I remove from my VL repository task IDs that have already been FINished or deleted from LANSA for iSeries?
How to remove tasks from a Visual LANSA slave system when the tasks are already set to FINished or have already been deleted on LANSA for iSeries
Feb 06, 2009 EPC831 'uQueryCanDeactivate' in EPC831 can be used to check unsaved changes when running VLF applications
Methods in command handlers to check unsaved changes when running Visual LANSA Framework applications
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Feb 06, 2009 EPC831 VLF.NET Application Level Tracing
VLF.NET is available in EPC831 and in the same way as for VLF/Web or VLF/WAM, you can switch on the VLF Trace window to troubleshoot VLF.NET applications
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Jan 07, 2009 V11 Enabling split-view source code in IDE
There is an undocumented feature in the V11 IDE that allows you to view two or more sections of source code in one screen
Dec 18, 2008 All Possible performance increase for Visual LANSA on Sybase databases
Changing the default page size from 2048 to 4096 may increase performance in Visual LANSA IDE and runtime applications
Dec 18, 2008 Using the TAG feature in comments in source code
Adding a tag allows you to use keystrokes to jump to the next or previous tagged comment line
Dec 10, 2008 Avoiding connection errors to JIT server for remote clients
If the connection to the JIT Server fails, an error message is shown; this tip includes one possible way to avoid this error message
Dec 10, 2008 Making use of the PrompterActivate event
The PrompterActivate event is intended to allow access to the prompter form before it displays so that initialization processing can be performed
Dec 10, 2008 EPC831 VLF.NET with a System i Apache Web Server
Apache settings required to run VLF.NET application
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Sep 15, 2008 V11 Firewall considerations for new debugging in EPC830 for SP5
How to avoid Windows firewall blocking the new V11 SP5 debugging service
Sep 05, 2008 EPC826 How to put an option in Framework application to allow endusers to reset screen layouts to 'as shipped' defaults
There might be times when you want to test your Framework application with VLF shipped default layouts (e.g. the main Framework window size, location of the command tab, layout)
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Sep 05, 2008 V11 SP4 Simple Encrypting and Decrypting sample using the ENCRYPT and DECRYPT BIFs
Sample code to take a string INPUT and Encrypts the input and generates a encrypted text and then proceeds to decode the encrypted text
Jul 21, 2008 V11 SP5 Detailed explanation of Language CCSID Mappings
Further explanation on the new SP5 feature Language CCSID Mappings
Jul 21, 2008 V11 SP5 Detailed explanation of Enable Short Char feature
Further explanation on the new SP5 partition level feature Enable Short Char
Mar 06, 2008 V11.3 Making use of the new EditorChanged event in a Grid component
The EditorChanged event of a grid uses Variants which has special considerations
Mar 06, 2008 Possible improvement in Listener performance when enabling TCP_NODELAY TCP/IP socket option
Enable TCP_NODELAY TCP/IP option in Listener/Host Route can improve application performance in some network configurations
Feb 01, 2008 EPC826 How to enable 'Application Level Tracing' in Windows RAMP applications at End User mode?
It is possible to programmatically trace a Windows RAMP application as an End User (e.g. when executing UF_EXEC) either during development or after deployment
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Nov 30, 2007 All Making JIT deployment packages smaller
Options to make the JIT download package smaller
Nov 14, 2007 V11.3 How to isolate your Visual LANSA Application from Microsoft Office version incompatibilities
A practical solution to check for the availability of an ActiveX control before instantiating it
Oct 12, 2007 V11.3 The deployed Web RAMP application shows an "UNKNOWN FORM" indication on the target PC
If you have developed a RAMP Web Application and wants to deploy it for testing it should not be deployed to the RAMP development PC
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Oct 04, 2007 V11.3 Improved version of the VLF Demonstration Application for use in RDMLX partitions
LANSA is shipping a new Visual LANSA Framework Demonstration Application by using vf_sy001_system_Lastshipped.xml
Sep 12, 2007 All The difference between ItemLostFocus, Column LostFocus and Grid LostFocus events
An explanation for why the ItemLostFocus event is not always fired when expected
Aug 30, 2007 V11.3 FAQs regarding user profile and password management in VLF
Information regarding User Profile and Password Management in the Visual LANSA Framework
Aug 31, 2007 V10 & V11.3 Correct usage of ComponentControls/ComponentMembers
An explanation about the subtle differences between the two properties
Aug 03, 2007 Cut, Copy and Paste with a mouse click - example for Visual LANSA
Example code to allow 'Cut, Copy and Paste' with a mouse click in Visual LANSA
Aug 01, 2007 All The x_err.log file in Visual LANSA
Getting the most from the x_err.log file
Jul 26, 2007 Why do I get an error on a 'Startup' macro when running my RAMP application?
What is a 'Startup' macro and why do I get an error on this when running my RAMP application?
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework and Newlook
Jul 16, 2007 How to hide the Autosignoff window when using Visual LANSA Framework on Web
An Internet Explorer option is available to hide the VLF AutoSignoff window on the browser
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Jul 04, 2007 The list of saved Frameworks in the 'Select Framework File' window can be customized
Save different Frameworks using Designer mode
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
May 25, 2007 Using Visual LANSA Framework RAD-PAD on Windows Vista requires a Microsoft Active-X component DHTMLEdit
You may experience problems using RAD-PADs on Vista as it requires a Microsoft Active X control which can be added in manually
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
May 17, 2007 RAMP application works in designer mode but gets an error "NL runtime manager outer wrapper on vf_sy120.htm" in end user mode
How to detect JavaScript errors in RAMP applications
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework and RAMP
May 01, 2007 V11 Correct use of the PositionOf and PositionIn Intrinsic functions
PositionOf/PositionIn are useful intrinsic functions, however care must be taken when used on RDML Alpha fields
Feb 21, 2007 V11.3 50-character filename restriction in the LANSA deployment tool
When deploying applications you can run into problems because of a 50-character filename restriction in the LANSA deployment tool
Jan 10, 2007 V11.3 How to allow for more than 20 concurrent connections to an Adaptive Sybase Anywhere (ASA) Database
How to increase the number of ASA database connections
Jan 10, 2007 EPC793 How to use GZip in the Visual LANSA Framework
Using GZip can significantly reduce the size of the HTM and JS files that are created as part of VLF Web browser and RAMP applications
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Dec 08, 2006 EPC793 Hide a business object in the Navigation Pane in Visual LANSA Framework
How to hide business objects from the Navigation Pane in a Framework Application
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Nov 05, 2006 What RDML commands cannot be used in RDMLX?
Existing RDML commands that cannot be used in RDMLX based components
Oct 11, 2006 V11.3 How to disable F1 help in the Visual LANSA Framework
In V11 CU3 Visual LANSA (or VLF) applications there is a way to disable (or capture) F1
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Oct 11, 2006 Layout changes by the FLA (The Form Layout Assistant) can be revert back to a previous version
How to remove or revert changed layouts made by the FLA
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Sep 25, 2006 Various ways to start a deployed VLF Web Application with a long URL
Options to start a deployed VLF Web Application on the browser
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Sep 25, 2006 What is VF_Sy001_System_LastShipped.XML?
Until LANSA CU3, VLF upgrades always renamed and then replaced the standard shipped demonstration system in XML file VF_SY001_System.XML with the very latest shipped demonstration version
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Aug 10, 2006 V11 Displaying an Excel Spreadsheet/Graph on your Visual LANSA Form
Embedding a Microsoft Office Spreadsheet ActiveX to show Excel tables directly on your Form
Jul 24, 2006 V11.3 Context sensitive features including HELP have vastly improved for V11.3
The Visual LANSA Editor has now advanced context sensitive features
Jun 23, 2006 EPC773 Using RDMLX Webevent functions as Visual LANSA Framework Filters or Command Handlers on iSeries Web Servers
RDMLX Webevent functions can only be used as Visual LANSA Framework filters or command handlers on systems at CU3 level or later
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Feb 27, 2006 V11 Using the Enforce user access option in Visual LANSA
How to implement and use the Enforce User Access option
Dec 08, 2005 V11 Technique to convert a string to "words" (i.e. separates text based on a space)
This tip shows how to separate text based on the spaces within the text. The technique displays some simple string handling techniques available in Visual LANSA V11.0
Jul 11, 2005 Using Visual LANSA runtime tracing (Updated for V11)
How to enable tracing on a runtime application when requested by LANSA support
Nov 04, 2005 V11 How to export selected columns of a list/grid to a file
How to export specific columns from a list/grid (Version 11 only)
Nov 02, 2005 V11 How to upgrade a deployed application (including VLF) to a V11 runtime environment
How to upgrade your existing (deployed) applications from V10 a V11 runtime environment including steps for upgrading VLF applications
Oct 08, 2005 Potential reason for 'License not available' using *Licenses process
Specifying the license code in lowercase can cause a 'Not Available' license message
Sep 16, 2005 V11 Debugging tiered applications using an application level tracing strategy
How to use application level tracing for a more rapid and effective way to locate a problem in RDMLX environments (especially useful in production environments)
Aug 26, 2005 V11 Processing Tree Items in the order that they are displayed
SelectList processes tree items in the order that they were added, not the order in which they are displayed. Use this method to process items in the correct order (Version 11 only)
Aug 26, 2005 Convert a string to proper case
Convert a string to first character upper case, all others lower case
Jul 18, 2005 V10 Visual LANSA in a Citrix environment
This document containing installations instructions and findings when using Visual LANSA (based on Visual LANSA V10 with EPC715) in a Citrix environment
Jul 01, 2005 V11 How to create a Columnar tree view
In Version 11 it is now possible to now create a Columnar tree, that is a tree with multiple columns above and beyond the main tree column
Jun 27, 2005 V11 DEF_LIST - Dynamic vs Static for RDMLX components to avoid memory errors
Static DEF_LIST may cause memory errors
May 19, 2005 V11 Using Microsoft C++ 6.0 compiler with Visual LANSA Version 11
How to correct issues with Visual LANSA 11.0 when compiling on a system with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
Apr 04, 2005 V10 How to deploy an external ActiveX control with your LANSA Application
Using Post Installation Commands to register ActiveX controls after application installation
Mar 16, 2005 An alternative way to send mails using Visual LANSA with Microsoft Outlook
How to send mails using Visual LANSA without having to open the Microsoft Outlook window
Jan 18, 2005 Dynamically assigning button images
Method for dynamically assigning images to buttons
Dec 15, 2004 Deployment Tool Package naming convention and Package Dependencies
The use of Pre-requisite and Co-requisite packages should be used to ensure that packages are installed in the correct order, if package dependencies exist
Sep 13, 2004 How to reference a particular cell in a Grid and set it to ReadOnly
This example code allows any cell to be set to Read Only
Sep 17, 2004 Visual LANSA Framework with latest EPC – Partition Initialisation
For Partition Initialisation and Partition creation, remove necessity of multiple imports of Visual LANSA Framework
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Jul 07, 2004 How can I delete the values saved with the VF_SAVEAVALUE BIF during a session?
Making sure the saved values are deleted during a session in the Visual LANSA Framework
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Jun 11, 2004 How to set Debug Mode on for Visual LANSA execution environment
There may be times where it is advantageous to debug an application at execution time rather than with in the development environment
Jan 16, 2004 The CreateAccessor and CreateIterator methods on Keyed Collections
Descriptions of the CreateAccessor and CreateIterator methods in Keyed collections
Sep 29, 2003 How can I send email from Visual LANSA via Microsoft Outlook without getting the security message?
When sending e-mails from within Visual LANSA, is there a way of getting over the Microsoft Outlook 2002 security block that pops up the message for the user to confirm
Sep 01, 2003 Imports for Visual LANSA run very slowly
Imports running very slowly for Visual LANSA
Aug 18, 2003 Difference in ActiveX methods/properties between Office Suites
Specific code written in a Visual LANSA component which allows integration with an Office 2000 application via ActiveX may not work for the same application integration with Office XP
May 12, 2003 Easy demonstration on global scope and locally scoped components
This tip demonstrates the difference between a locally scoped component and a globally scoped component
Nov 18, 2002 V9.1 Differences between #Com_Owner, #Com_Ancestor and #Com_Self
The generic name #Com_Owner can be used to refer to the current component. In the context of inheritance there are two other generic names you can use for components: #Com_Ancestor and #Com_Self
Nov 04, 2002 V9.1 Debugging Windows Server functions
How to debug Windows server side functions that are executed by the CallServerFunction BIF
Sep 09, 2002 V9.1 Example of using SELECT_SQL in a remote procedure
Example code to invoke a server function using SELECT_SQL that can return up to 9999 entries to a client system
Apr 30, 2002 Closing forms that are "realized" but not shown
Closing a form that is realized but not shown does not end the instance of the form
Feb 20, 2002 New System Variable *VISUAL_LANSA
A new system variable called *VISUAL_LANSA has been introduced to distinguish between program execution on LANSA for iSeries and Visual LANSA
Feb 08, 2002 Using VAL_ERROR(*LASTDIS) in subroutine, Evtroutine and Mthroutine
Application failure when using VAL_ERROR(*LASTDIS) in a subroutine does not occur when used in methods and events
Feb 08, 2002 Conditioning grid cells for data entry
A common requirement when using a grid for data maintenance, is to limit the pieces of data that can be changed conditionally e.g. a user does not have authority to change certain fields
Nov 15, 2001 Improving Client/Server data retrieval performance
Improve the performance for record retrieval when running Client/Server applications
Oct 30, 2001 Setting up the translation table for correct translation of characters used by Web
Setting up translation tables to avoid incorrect translation of '!'
Sep 20, 2001 V9.0 Use Space BIFs to improve performance in Visual LANSA applications
Performance improvements in Visual LANSA applications by using the SPACE BIFs
Sep 06, 2005 V9.0 Upgrade LANSA for Windows on multiple client machines using Just-In-Time upgrade
JIT scenarios to upgrade LANSA on client machines using JIT Upgrade
Jun 12, 2000 Options when using the Tab key with Grid Component in Visual LANSA
Options when using the Tab key with Grid Component in Visual LANSA
May 17, 2000 Difference between ItemGotFocus and ItemGotSelection
There is a difference between ItemGotFocus and ItemGotSelection and it only becomes evident in MultiSelect and Extended Selection situations
Nov 17, 1999 The Height property in Combo Boxes
How to enable a Visual LANSA user to change the Height property of a combo box
Jun 22, 1999 New parameter DASO= on X_RUN command
The Data Area Storage Option parameter allows you to emulate data area value storage and locking using flat files
Oct 01, 1999 Reporting Deployment Tool issues
A checklist for efficiently reporting issues to do with the Deployment Tool
Nov 10, 1998 V7.52 Keystrokes available in the LANSA for Windows Component Editor
The Component Editor supports the standard range of keyboard keystrokes for editing programs
May 02, 1997 LANSA for Windows Printing Enhancement to direct output to a file
LANSA for Windows reports can now be directed to a file rather than just to a printer
Archived Setting Component Properties to their defaults at runtime
Setting properties back to their default values at runtime
Archived What objects are displayed in the Check-in list dialog
Criteria by which objects are listed in the Check in dialog
Archived V14 Upgrading your Hardware Key to V14
Hardware keys need to be upgraded for Visual LANSA V14 development.
Archived V11.3 Support for SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 collections in V11.3 (CU3)
LANSA now allows the creation of collections with new SQL Server databases
Archived EPC804 Which Newlook version should I be using with the Visual LANSA Framework and RAMP?
Do I need to upgrade my version of Newlook after applying Visual LANSA Framework EPC804?
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework and RAMP
Archived V11.3 How to debug an RDMLX function executing on iSeries using the VL IDE Debugger
Steps to debug RDMLX functions executing directly on an iSeries using the Visual LANSA IDE Debugger
Archived V10 and V11 Gathering information about LANSA
Using the 'About LANSA' feature to generate product information
Archived V10 Inserting Carriage Returns in a string
This tip highlights how to insert a carriage return into a LANSA string/alpha field
Archived Possible issues when deploying a LANSA application to Linux
Possible import or compilation issues after deploying a LANSA application to Linux via SFTP
Effects: Visual LANSA on Linux
Archived How do I know what EPCs are applied when I am running a run-time application?
How to find out what EPC level a run-time Visual LANSA application is on
Archived Visual LANSA Form Size proportionately increases
Every time a form is saved or compiled, the size of the form proportionately increases
Archived Deploying User Defined RDML BIFs using the Deployment Tool
Manually created User Define RDML BIF's are not visible in the User Defined Built-in Functions section when adding objects to a Deployment Tool Package
Archived V10 Field Visualization in V10
Downloadable document of Field Visualization usage in Visual LANSA V10
Archived You must have a common 'Root' directory in Visual LANSA V10
Visual LANSA V10 introduces the concept of the common root directory for a LANSA installation on Windows
Archived Using Microsoft C++ .NET 2003 compiler with Visual LANSA V10
What you need to set-up before using the Microsoft C++ .NET 2003 compiler with Visual LANSA V10 for compilation
Archived Refreshing Explorer Component Content
Example of how to refresh Explorer Component content i.e. new files and directories
Archived Common reason for "packaging system is at earlier..." message
Common reason for Deployment Tool package creation error "Packaged Execution Environment is at an earlier version than packaging system"
Archived Using ActiveX Enum Constants and Visual LANSA
Using MS Outlook ActiveX and ENUM Constants in a Visual LANSA Application
Archived Questions regarding Active X ProgID
On some development systems will not compile with a message that no component with Progid('Excel.Application.8') is enrolled
Archived Sybase Connection timeout settings
Applications may get database errors after being idle for a long time due to Sybase connection timeout settings in Client/Server environment
Archived RichText32 OCX ActiveX control is needed when using the Visual LANSA Framework
You need Microsoft RichTxt32.OCX ActiveX Control in order to use the Mock Up RAD-PAD filter handlers and the Mock Up RAD-PAD command handlers
Archived One possible cause of the error "X_Put_To_Exchange_list" at the Host Repository Explorer
Error messages for an invalid SuperServer (LXX) license on iSeries
Archived When to use Package and when to use DLL JIT Upgrade
There are scenarios where a DLL Upgrade is the most efficient and suitable deployment model and there are scenarios where a Package upgrade is more suitable
Archived The CONNECT_FILE BIF, Relative record number and last record read
The CONNECT_FILE BIF is used to direct Client server I/O to one or more database files
Archived Possible compilation failures due to Anti-Virus software
Errors such as "General failure reading device .." can be generated during a compile in LANSA for Windows when Anti-Virus Checking software is enabled
Archived Using MS ADO in Visual LANSA
A sample and considerations when using Microsoft's ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) in Visual LANSA
Archived Debug of Treeviews is dependent on focus
When debugging a treeview in Visual LANSA sometimes it may seem that the debugger is faulty, when in reality it is dictated by how the focus moves when in debug
Archived Object Locking and how it affects performance in LANSA for Windows
Object Locking and its effects on performance
Archived Deploying a SuperServer client application to another partition
Steps for deploying a SuperServer client application to another partition
Archived Help files and the F1 key in Visual LANSA
How to use customized Help files and the F1 key in Visual LANSA
Archived Changing the Checkpoint time in SQL Anywhere
How to change the period between checkpoints in the SQL Anywhere database
Archived Sorting dates in lists and grids
Sorting DMY date fields in lists and grids
Archived Visual LANSA Layout Managers
Layout Managers automatically manage the layout of a form. (Layout Managers is part of LANSA for Windows release 7.84)
Archived Transaction log file is very large – LX_LANSA.log
The LANSA for Windows transaction log file is very large
Effects: Adaptive Server Anywhere
Archived Tree view HasChildren property
A simple example of a tree showing department, section and employee data
Archived Troubleshooting and reporting communications problems
A step by step guide to help determining the cause of a communications problem and what information is required by LANSA Support when it comes to reporting such a problem
Archived How to use special characters in password type fields in the Visual LANSA component of LANSA for Windows
A different method for putting password type characters on fields in the Visual LANSA component of LANSA for Windows
Archived Connecting in SuperServer mode to a Windows server
Some things to look at before trying to establish a SuperServer connection from either a LANSA for Windows application or a LANSA Open one to an NT Server box
Archived Ending LCOTP.EXE jobs with Task Manager
Manually deleting lcotp.exe jobs will impact seat based licences
Archived Backup LANSA for Windows database
A solution to back up LANSA for Windows database via Windows NT scheduler
Archived Keyboard Shortcuts must be attached to Menu Items
Shortcuts (eg. Ctrl+E, Alt+B, Ctrl+Shift+F, etc. etc.) on a popup menu will only perform the action if the popup menu item is also included as a submenu item on a menu bar
Archived Computer Node Name in LANSA For Windows
The LANSA/PC Computer Node Name is not the same as the workstation's Computer Name
Archived All Using the LANSA Open non-English language translation file
When using LANSA Open in a non-English environment, a translation file is used to handle the PC - AS/400 data translation
Archived Copying tables between SQL Anywhere and MS SQL Server Databases
Procedure for copying individual tables between SQL Anywhere and MS SQL
Archived Forming PC based DBMS performance expectations
Forming PC based DBMS performance expectations
Archived What are the new RDMLX commands?
New RDMLX commands have been added to LANSA to support component definition and execution
Archived Report does not print using Windows extended printing
Specifying a default font that the printer doesn't support in extended printing causes no report to be printed
Archived Using SELECT_SQL WHERE with negative numbers
Workaround for when the SELECT_SQL's WHERE clause uses negative numbers, the sign has to be at the front
Archived LANSA for Windows performance with local PC database
Improving performance of LANSA for Windows Applications with a local PC database
Archived Passing a "full" working list between a client and a server system using PCX
Passing a large list from the server to the client with SuperServer has to make allowance for the space limitation which will affect the maximum number of entries which can be passed
Archived Using % on the LIKE keyword on SELECT_SQL on LANSA for Windows
Special consideration when using the % wildcard character on the LIKE keyword on the WHERE clause on the SELECT_SQL
Archived Column heading width on screens and reports in multilingual partitions
When adding a field to the screen or a report, the column headings are wider than necessary. This could be caused by the column heading widths in other languages
Archived Tricky things you can do with the Function Routing Table in LANSA for Windows!
Use the function routing table on the PC to route a function call to actually calling a function on the AS/400
Archived How to use system variables on the AS/400 from LANSA for Windows
You can use any system variable on the AS/400 from LANSA for Windows when operating in a Client/Server environment
Archived Finding the length of a string in LANSA | LANSA for the AS/400 and LANSA for Windows
A couple of different ways to find out how many characters there are in a string
Archived Conditioning the execution of virtual code | LANSA for the AS/400 and LANSA for Windows
Conditioning the execution of virtual code based on whether a field has been requested in a LANSA I/O command. This can improve the execution of an I/O module
Archived Editing the Function Routing Table
It is easy to edit the Function Routing Table
Archived What is Function Routing in LANSA?
Function Routing allows the automatically (re)routing of invocations of a function to another function at execution time without changing a program