Release Notices

Date Product Version Description  
3 June 2022 Visual LANSA All

Category: Web execution/Partition initialization
Upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 introduces web execution 404 errors and partition init import failures for all supported versions of Visual LANSA.
If you upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you can encounter several related problems in Visual LANSA. These errors can occur irrespective of LANSA version or EPC level.
The symptoms of the windows 11 compatibility issues are:

  • A web execution error 404 is issued for pages that previously executed OK in Windows 10.
  • Performing a Partition init of any of the options (Mandatory partition initialization/Visual LANSA Framework/WAM development/LANSA Client field and file definitions/Sample Material) will fail for some imports, for example Standard Widgets, Standard Resources, VLF.The import error is: Operating system Error occurred when attempting to perform EXECUTE operations.
  • Connecting to a windows backend server (on Windows 11) in the Web Administrator will give a Connection failed (0x0000001c) error.

This compatibility issue has been fixed and the fix will be shipped in the next EPCs for V14 SP2 and V15 respectively.
If you have an urgent need for the fix prior to the EPCs being available, you can request a hotfix by contacting your local LANSA support group. Please note that hotfixes are only available for the supported versions of LANSA (V14 SP2 and V15) at the latest EPC level.

15 April 2020 Visual LANSA V15

Category: Install
Installing Visual LANSA V15 on an operating system older than Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 (or newer) can end with an error during the SQL Server 2019 install. If you encounter the following error:
The SQL Server install ended in Error. Check C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\150\Setup_Bootstrap\Log\Summary.txt to identify the error.
search the %TEMP% folder for SqlSetup.log. Open SqlSetup.log and look for the following entry:
Unsupported Operating System. SQL Server 2019 is only installable on Windows Server 2016/Windows 10 or newer.

SQL Server 2019 cannot be installed on an operating system older than Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016. For example, SQL Server 2019 cannot be installed on Windows 8.1

15 April 2020 Visual LANSA V15

Category: Deployment
V15 includes enhancements which mean that the next deployment of any kind after installing V15 must be a Version (MSI), not a Patch (MSP). Attempting to deploy V15 changes as an MSP will generate the following message

15 April 2020 LANSA for i
Visual LANSA

Category: Install/System Initialization
Because the default minimum password length for IBM i is 6 characters, the shipped default password for the user profile in a new V15 LANSA installation has now been changed to vlansa. If you use this default user profile to perform a system initialization during the Visual LANSA V15 slave install, the connection will fail unless the correct password is used, including case sensitivity (depending on the password level enabled on your IBM i environment).
Note: LANSA strongly recommends that after installing V15, for security reasons, you immediately change the default user profile password to your company standard and/or create your own user profiles to access the new V15 system, including for use in the system initialization during the Visual LANSA V15 slave install.

15 April 2020 Visual LANSA V15

Category: IDE
Launching the V15 Visual LANSA IDE without a license has changed (the change was introduced in V14 SP2).
The LANSA 'read-only mode' has been introduced to allow you to view code and compile objects without a development license. This mode is ideal for build machines. The Demo mode where you could create a limited number of name restricted objects, available in previous versions, has been removed. A new evaluation version of Visual LANSA will be available for download soon that will enable you to use the IDE unrestricted for a limited time period to replace demo mode.

15 April 2020 LANSA for i V15

Category: Install
The LANSA for i install is delivered as a save file in V15. The install can no longer be launched directly from the V15 DVD. The LANSA for i install save file is in a ZIP file on the V15DVD. The ZIP file can be extracted from the DVD, the save file unzipped and moved to the IBM i using standard steps and the LANSA install launched using the instructions in the LANSA for i Install guide. The following link provide example instructions from IBM on how to FTP from the IBM i IFS to a save file in QGPL. (Its vital to create the save file in QGPL first)
This change also means that LANSA for i CANNOT be installed using the Image Catalog instructions provided here.

15 April2020 LANSA for i V15

Category: OSU
The Open Systems Utilities (OSU) is no longer shipped in V15. The OSU utilities was never implemented for RDMLX and is no longer compatible with RDML in later versions of LANSA. Historically, the most commonly used utility was [email protected] (High speed partition deletion) but partitions can be deleted from within LANSA housekeeping, without requiring exclusive use of the LANSA system, since LANSA V12. 

15 April 2020 LANSA for i
LANSA for the Web

Category: Performance
IBM PTF available for Mutex wait (MTXW) issue that can affect performance of LANSA applications.
LANSA customers who have large systems involving many thousands of LANSA runtime jobs have sometimes reported a slowing down in performance of the LANSA jobs due to a Mutex Wait (MTXW) situation. Refer to Performance slowdown in LANSA applications caused by Mutex wait issue

15 April 2020 LANSA for i V14

Category: Checkin/Compile
If you encounter the error - LIBRARY QSYSINC NOT FOUND during checkin and compile to the IBM i, the most likely reason is that some C compiler options are missing. We suggest you install (reinstall) the 5722SS1 Option 13 "System Openness Includes".
Licensed Product Program Option Description
5770SS1 *BASE IBM i
5770SS1 1 Extended Base Support
5770SS1 2 Online Information
5770SS1 3 Extended Base Directory Support
5770SS1 8 AFP Compatibility Fonts
5770SS1 12 Host Servers
5770SS1 13 System Openness Includes
As per the advice at you should install it from your original OS/400 or i5/OS CDs
Select option 11. Install Licensed Programs
Type a 1=Install next to 5722SS1 Option 13, "System Openness Includes" and press Enter

15 April 2020 LANSA for i All supported Versions

Category: Host Monitor/Checkin and Compile
A checkin and compile problem has been encountered with the following criteria in place
- An RDML physical file which has a key, in an RDMLX partition
- Where the master repository is on an IBM i with Operating System 7.3
- The checkin and compile via the host Monitor will fail with an MCH5601 error in the joblog on a MOVOBJ command
This has been confirmed as an OS 7.3 issue and an IBM PTF is available to resolve the issue. The PTF is SI62854.
This problem is not exclusive to any particular version of LANSA and can occur on all supported versions of LANSA with the master repository on IBM OS 7.3.

15 April 2020 Visual LANSA Web All supported Versions Category: WAM Execution
The following character set issue, exclusive to IBM i 7.3 operating systems, is caused by an API change in IBM i 7.3.
On IBM i 7.3, in a WAM, a text LOB in CCSID 37 is sent as corrupted characters (not transcoded) when using the Internet Explorer browser.
Note: In Chrome or Firefox users may experience symptoms of LANSAWEB object being downloaded.
The cause of this issue is from changes made in 7.3 to an IBM i’s get attributes API causing failures to retrieve file information (CCSID, timestamps and other properties).

There are separate patches available for all LANSA versions supported on 7.3. Please contact your local support team and quote #156463 to obtain the  appropriate fix for the version of LANSA you are encountering the issue with.
Important: You should only request this fix if you are encountering the issue described and only if you are on IBM i 7.3 operating system.
15 April 2020 Visual LANSA All Category: Visual LANSA
Launching the Visual LANSA development environment after upgrading to Windows 10 64-bit or after applying the latest Windows 10 update can result in a Global data Initialisation failed error.
Refer to Visual LANSA failing with Global Initialisation failure after Windows 10 Upgrade or Update for details.
15 April 2020 Visual LANSA V15 Category: Web development
After upgrading Visual LANSA to V15, the option to 'Generate HTML' is missing from the compile options when compiling web enabled functions. Refer to Compile option to Generate HTML missing after upgrade to V14 for details and step to correct.
15 April 2020 Visual LANSA Web All Category: Web Multi tier
Model B support for an IBM i application server is only available for Visual LANSA Web with a Windows Web Server (IIS) or a Linux web server. The Apache server cannot be used in V15 as the Model B web server for Visual LANSA Web.
Note: Single tier to IBM i is available for Visual LANSA Web and Model B using Apache server is still available for WAMs and Web Functions.
15 April 2020 LANSA for i V15 Category: Install/Upgrade
LANSA for i can only be installed or upgraded on supported versions of the IBM i Operating System.