Why Is The AS400 System Still In Demand In 2024?

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There is a popular opinion that the AS400 system is outdated and not in the same demand as it used to be. But is it so? What benefits does the AS400 offer that today’s businesses can’t afford to miss? What about an IBM i modernization? Let’s figure it out.

What Is AS400?

AS400 (Application System/400) is a highly secure, stable, reliable, and scalable mid-range computer system that provides a wide range of functions. IBM released it in 1988, but it is still very popular today.

The AS400 is constantly being developed and updated to provide all the functionality that today’s business needs. This IBM system provides high compatibility. This means that programs that work using outdated technologies can run on it without modification.

IBM renamed the AS400 systems several times. It was called iSeries, System i. The latest version, which is current now, is called IBM Power Systems.

What Is The AS400 Operating System (iSeries)?

The AS400 operating system was released simultaneously with the AS400 hardware and also gained a lot of popularity. It has several advantages:

  • Built-in database.
  • Backward compatible with earlier versions of the IBM AS/400. This allows you to switch to a new version of the platform without reinstalling applications.
  • The IBM AS400 is a turnkey operating system and can run for long periods with little or no IT support.
  • Automatic scheduling of system maintenance and identification of problems in the system.
  • The programming data needed to run the IBM AS400 is already integrated into the base OS. This eliminates the need to purchase and install software separately.
  • The ability to quickly switch from one task to another.
  • The AS400 operating system is integrated with server technologies such as the DB2 Universal Database and Lotus Domino software.

What Is The Difference Between IBM i And AS400?

Comparing AS400 and IBM i is not correct, since AS400 is hardware, and IBM i is software.

AS400 is a server that has its own OS/400 operating system. IBM released it in 1988. After that, it was constantly updated and in 2008 it received the name Power Systems.

OS/400 is an operating system that was also actively developed and had different names. Now it is called the IBM i and it works on IBM Power Systems.

Is The IBM AS/400 Software Dead?

Today, many experts consider the AS/400 system to be dead. However, we cannot agree with this. Even though the AS400 system has been operating for the past few decades, it is constantly evolving, using modern technologies and satisfying all modern business needs.

AS/400 provides high security. It is scalable, reliable, and provides the ability to quickly process large amounts of data. This makes it indispensable today. A lot of companies widely use it for working with resource-intensive applications such as ERP, banking, or medical information systems.


Why Are AS/400 Systems Still In Use?

A lot of companies around the world still use the AS400 systems. There are several important reasons for this.

  1. High performance and reliability. AS/400 processors are 3-5 times more powerful than the competition. This system is ideal for applications that require extremely high performance and minimal downtime.
  2. A wide range of options is available. You can choose different systems depending on the requirements of your business, from inexpensive entry-level systems to powerful servers with massive redundancy.
  3. Reliable, secure, integrated database.
  4. AS/400 uses modern technologies and provides the latest features such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  5. Availability of a cloud environment. You can choose and pay for only the resources you need, dynamically scaling as your needs grow.

Why Will The AS400 iSeries (AS/400, IBM i) Be In Demand In 2024?

The AS400 system is indispensable for businesses and offers several advantages over the competition. A lot of companies around the world widely use it now and it will be in demand in the near future. Let’s list its main advantages.

  • Scalability. You can start with an inexpensive 4-core server and easily upgrade to 256-core machines as your requirements grow. AS400 system’s capabilities meet the needs of almost all companies of all sizes.
  • Security. AS400 provides high security for your programs and data.
  • Reliability. The system features enterprise-class reliability, and highly available tools are readily available for nearly 100% uptime.
  • Modernity. AS400 can run existing programs. In addition, it supports native and open-source development languages ​​such as SQL, Java, .NET, PHP, and C++.
  • Compatibility. You can run legacy applications on the AS400 systems without modification. This allows you to avoid costly code migrations when upgrading platforms.

How To Modernize AS400 With LANSA?

LANSA is a modern and powerful platform that offers several solutions for AS400 upgrades.

aXes is a tool that quickly converts an AS400/IBM i 5250 screen into a modern web interface without changing the source code. If necessary, you can also easily add additional features.

RAMP (Rapid Application Modernization Process) is a tool that allows you to build applications from scratch while using existing functionality. You can also add new features as well. This allows you to create applications using modern technologies while retaining important functionality.


What is the AS400 system?

AS400 is a line of computers created by IBM for small and medium-sized organizations. It has its operating system and built-in database.

How to use the AS400 system?

There are various options for using the AS400 system. It is most effective for storing and processing large amounts of data. For example, warehouse management, order management, sales, and more.

What is the AS400 i series?

The IBM iSeries is a modernized version of the AS400 system. It was released in 2000 and uses an updated POWER4 processor.

What is AS400 software?

AS400 software is a computer system with its own operating system designed for small and medium businesses. It constantly updates and improves, has a powerful processor, and is widely used in modern companies.

What is AS400 used for?

  • Datastore. For example, a central data repository where data mining can be applied.
  • Internet and e-commerce service. AS400 system has a web server and applications that can perform tasks such as order management, order tracking, customer support, and supplier and warehouse management.
  • Development of Java applications. We can use the AS400 as a development system thanks to it can be integrated with Java virtual machines and it has tools for developing commercial Java applications.
  • Enterprise group services such as email, project file sharing applications, and fast collaboration.

What is AS400 software used for?

You can use AS400 software to create any type of application. However, it is most effective when working with a large number of resources. For example, in ERP systems, when working with finance, in the medical field, and in government institutions.

What kind of system is AS400?

AS400 is a mid-range computer system. This means that it is a more affordable but less powerful option than a high-end system.

What is AS400 called now?

AS400 went through several rebrands. Now it calls IBM Power Systems.

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