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Visual LANSA

Low-Code. High Control. No Limitations.

Build Better Applications Faster

LANSA understands how hard it is to keep pace with today’s demands for new applications and how it’s even harder to keep those applications relevant as business and technology continuously change. Instead of hiring more staff, upgrade your team with better development tools.

Benefits of Visual LANSA

Visual LANSA’s low-code development platform enables companies to digitally transform their business and increase IT efficiency while reducing risk and technical debt—enabling development to finish on time and respond to demands for more applications.

Reducing Application Development Complexity

LANSA’s low-code development platform instantly transforms everyone into a full-stack developer, meaning every developer on your team can work on any part of an application. Visual LANSA contains a full-stack language, WYSIWYG designer, and one-click deployment for all form-factors.

Improving Data Integrity

Traditional software development intermixes business rule logic with application and UX code. Visual LANSA’s integrated Business Rules Engine acts as both the custodian and the enforcer of business rule and kicks into action when an application attempts to change business data.

Getting It Right the First Time

Imagine if you could generate consistent looking, high quality enterprise applications with minimal coding. You can with Visual LANSA’s application framework—live prototyping, prebuilt navigation, auto-generated search filters and detail panels, user-access security, and a lot more.

Integrating with Anything

The success of any low-code platform relies on its ability to integrate with everything, whether the objects are in the cloud, on-premises, or on a local device, server, or workstation. With Visual LANSA, directly integrate your existing data and assets, both new and old alike.

Future-Proofing Applications & Developers

Think about all the different deployment options that have come and gone over the last decade. Visual LANSA insulates your applications and developers from underlying technologies, permitting IT to swap platforms and databases or migrate to/from the cloud with little disruption.

Going Beyond Model-Based Development

Model-based low-code platforms work well for building systems of engagement applications. With Visual LANSA, you can build both systems of engagement and systems of record applications, which means you can standardize on one low-code platform for all your development needs.


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An Introduction to Low-Code Development

There’s a lot of buzz around low-code development platforms these days. Learn how companies are using low-code platforms to deliver modern applications that support today’s business needs faster than ever before. In addition, this webinar demonstrates how to build these applications with the LANSA low-code platform.

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