Letter from Stephen Strake, LANSA’s new General Manager

As the new General Manager, I would like to introduce myself and share how excited I am to join LANSA at this transformative time for the company and the industry.

LANSA is an important part of Idera. Today, we are one of the largest private software companies in the US. I strongly believe that the future is bright for LANSA and our customers.

Our goal is to build quality products that are differentiated by their ease of use, maintainability, speed, and scale. The combination of these features drives high value for our customers. Our customer-centric values and delivering “advanced software programming made simple” are at the heart of our business at LANSA.

I am committed to serving our customers and partners while empowering our employees to ensure your success. In 2022, my primary focus will be to identify and invest in product areas that drive developer productivity. You will also see a refreshed market presence that recognizes LANSA for its advanced low code capabilities, especially for IBM i.

I want to thank Craig Trautman for his passion and leadership. I look forward to sharing our LANSA journey together and appreciate any feedback. Please feel free to email me directly with any questions or comments.


Stephen Strake
General Manager, LANSA

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