Announcing the best BI solution for the IBM i! Discover LANSA BI here
Announcing the best BI Solution for the IBM i! Discover LANSA BI here
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Learn LANSA: The Official Free Training Platform for Visual LANSA

by | May 6, 2020 | e-Learning, General | 1 comment

It is with great excitement that I get to announce the launch of Learn LANSA!

Learn LANSA is the new e-learning platform for the world’s most powerful and versatile low-code platform, Visual LANSA. A comprehensive learning ecosystem is so important to foster developers’ success as they adopt and learn a new software development platform. LANSA is relentlessly committed to making sure that current and future customers have the best resources available to make learning Visual LANSA easier than ever.

Content and a Community

Learn LANSA features tutorials and textbook-style learning content as well as the Learn LANSA Community for collaboration and knowledge sharing. This community will provide a central location for developers to discuss course content plus various aspects of Visual LANSA. Developers will be able to post videos, code snippets and screen shots of issues they may encounter or solutions to other developers’ issues. Communities are an essential aspect to modern online learning, and LANSA wants to ensure we are providing all the tools necessary for success with Visual LANSA.

New Trial Experience

The new Learn LANSA will also be the first step to a new and improved Visual LANSA trial experience. With the new trial experience set to launch mid-May, future customers will get to try out Visual LANSA in a structured environment, carefully crafted to maximize the evaluation process. Since the trial experience is hosted in Learn LANSA, trial users will have a seamless transition into course enrollees when they become part of the LANSA family.


 Not One and Done

Learn LANSA will be a living, breathing and ever-evolving resource for all things Visual LANSA. Courses will be regularly added, and current courses will be evaluated and updated as necessary. Along with full courses covering both V14 and V15, Learn LANSA will feature micro-learning courses. Micro-learning courses will be very short, one-topic courses dealing with very specific features and solutions. LANSA is dedicated to providing the best online learning experience in the industry.

Check It Out

You can check out right now to see all the courses available. Learn LANSA’s in-depth content includes:

— Comprehensive tutorials

— Extensive courses covering all aspects of Visual LANSA

— Micro-learning courses for learning quick tasks

— Learn LANSA e-learning community

— Discussions to foster customer engagement

— Visual LANSA’s all-new trial experience

Current customers can request access through their sales contacts. Even though the new trial experience won’t be fully integrated until mid-May, anyone wanting to test out Visual LANSA V15 right now can contact [email protected] to get a sneak peek at the most efficient and effective method of creating enterprise applications, Visual LANSA.





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  1. mark mason

    This is a big step forward to putting LANSA in more shops. The LANSA Skill set lets you write applications on green screen as400 , web and pc. As new needs develop in the I.T. World , I have seen LANSA add new offerings to meet those needs to compliment your employees skill sets.

    I have suggested over the years to employers to hire and train internally. So now besides classes, developers can now use your LEARN LANSA site, to gain skills and confidence on LANSA.

    Very Excited to see continued LANSA growth in the I.T. Sector.


    Mark Mason

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