Announcing the best BI solution for the IBM i! Discover LANSA BI here

Announcing the best BI Solution for the IBM i! Discover LANSA BI here
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Hybrid Low Code Development Explained

The LANSA Way.


Simplicity, velocity, and versatility that fuels and expedites customer growth and scalability.


Fast enterprise-grade application development built for the big guys, the little guys, and everyone in between because all sizes of business have development needs.

Scalable Solutions.

Tailored solutions driven by your business to grow, create, and solve with you.

Hybrid Low Code Development Explained

Build More, Faster

The world has taught us that creation is slow and cumbersome. We’ve been told quality development requires an investment in time and resources, working through major complexities and gathering heaps of knowledge. We disagree. In fact, we believe development should be quick yet powerful, simple yet versatile, and solution-oriented yet adaptable to grow and scale with you. That’s why our low-code solution is built to be easily customizable, to empower enterprise-grade applications to be built and modernized quickly, and to easily extend and integrate to meet your business needs while delivering a return on investment over time. Simply put, you can build more, faster

LANSA Build More, Faster

Hybrid Low Code Development Explained
Hybrid Low Code Development Explained

Our History

The LANSA suite of Application Development and Integration tools first saw the light of day way back in 1987 as a Repository-based Rapid Application Development (RAD). LANSA’s genesis sprang from our practical association with the Colgate-Palmolive company in Australia. In the course of developing line-of-business applications with RPG, explored there must be a better, simpler and faster way to develop and test applications, while being mindful of the disproportionate amount of the system development budget spent on their subsequent maintenance and modification. LANSA was born. Since then, we’ve never looked back.

For over three decades, LANSA has ridden at the forefront of each new wave of hardware and software technology – from green-screens, personal computing, client/server, the Internet, application integration, Object Oriented, SOA and mobile – and has delivered a capability to software developers unmatched by most of LANSA’s competitors who have come and gone over the years.

The LANSA customer family spans the globe, in fact there are line-of-business applications developed in LANSA, spanning the gamut of commerce, government and industry, in more than 90 countries. Many, many organizations, both large and small, have “bet their business” on LANSA technology.

Hybrid Low Code Development Explained

LANSA is an Idera Company

Idera, Inc. brands deliver the B2B software tools that technical users trust most. From database administration to application development to test management, our solutions help you do more for less so you can achieve your strategic goals.

Hybrid Low Code Development Explained

“The successful rollout of Elder’s digital and online projects was a major factor in the Marketing & Communications winning the 2017 One Elders Team of the Year Award.”

-Elders Leadership

Learn more about our amazing customers

Our systems are elegant, productive, economical, maintainable, integrated – you name it. We couldn't have a quarter of what we're doing without LANSA.

-Stan Kritzik, Proprietor, Metropolitan Associates

Learn more about our amazing customers

With the help of online tutorials, documentation, and a few calls to LANSA support, we got started with the LANSA platform quickly.

-Keith Arteaga, IT Manager, Brunswick

Learn more about our amazing customers