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[Live Webinar] Automate business data exchange without coding. Register HERE
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LANSA Integrator

Middleware to Connect Applications and Businesses

Application and Business Data Integration

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LANSA Integrator simplifies exchanging data between applications and transferring files and documents between businesses. It enables bi-directional flows of data and/or files in almost any format. LANSA Integrator is strategic middleware that provides tools and services to enable:

  • Application-to-application data exchanges.
  • Business-to-business document transfer and data interchanges.
  • Automating manual business data integration.
  • Simplified data integration solution design and reduced development effort.

Integrator comprises services for data transformation, communications, email, messaging, and web services, complemented by interface tools and utilities. It supports multiple data formats, including XML, EDI, text, video, SMS, email, MicrosoftⓇ ExcelTM workbooks, PDF files, and relational databases. Developers can use these services in their integration applications to transform data from one format to another. It supports multiple data transport methods, including HTTP, FTP, SFTP, web services, and message queue software. Any application can call Integrator’s services using simple APIs.

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How Can You Use Integrator?

LANSA Integrator is data integration software for integrating applications and sending data to/from customers, suppliers, and partners. It includes services that developers can use to manage integration interfaces, call upon communications protocols, and transform data from one format to another. With Integrator, developers don’t need a deep knowledge of the underlying technologies used to build integration solutions. Examples of how to use the LANSA data integration software:

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Hybrid Low Code Development Explained

Why Business Executives Choose Integrator

Suppose a new supplier offers you a deal that provides products with improved customer service at a reduced cost but requires an application-to-application interface that your line-of-business (LOB) applications do not support. To take advantage of the deal and purchase from this supplier you will have to develop additional interfaces to your LOB applications that conform to the interface requirements prescribed by the supplier’s application.

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Benefits of LANSA Integrator

The technologies used in application integration can be many and complex. LANSA Integrator’s APIs and built-in functions simplify the task of building interfaces to Visual LANSA or RPG, which results in faster development and implementation of integration requirements.

Data Integrations

Developer Assistance with Data Integration

LANSA Integrator assists developers with building data integration solutions. It simplifies integration design by providing the tools needed to receive, extract, transform, and send data. Developers need only to define the data and transformation rules and choose a data transport.


Complex Tasks Made Easy

IT departments can safely open up their enterprise IBM i data to a variety of internal and external applications without risking security or data integrity. LANSA’s Business Rules Engine enforces validation logic and ensures that unacceptable data never hits the database.


Easy-to-Use Command Set

Developers can interact with LANSA Integrator’s services to manipulate data using simple commands instead of coding complex APIs. Integrator uses no invasive integration techniques that require changes to source or target applications for the integration to operate successfully.

The Greenery Beats the Clock with LANSA

Ary van der Waal, the Greenery’s auction master, explains the practical business benefits of real-time and automated integration with LANSA Integrator. Learn how the new GreenMate auction system enables remote buyers to bid over the Internet and how LANSA Integrator makes the whole auction process smoother.


Data Integration Software

Simplify exchange of data between application and the transferring of files/documents between businesses.


LANSA Integrator Details Features

  • APIs and built-in functions for Visual LANSA and RPG developers.
  • Ready-made services for application-to-application integration
  • Services for enabling business-to-business integration.
  • Multiple data transformations.
  • Extensible service catalog—extend supplied services with customer-built services

LANSA Integrator Architecture

  • Integrator's Java Service Manager manages interfaces and marshals services.
  • Fast and scalable multithreading in a single Java Virtual Machine
  • Integrator Studio (property editor and management tools).

Document and File Services

  • File management (move, copy, delete)
  • PDF service to create text and graphical PDF documents.
  • ZIP service to create and extract archive files and directories.

Data Access Services

  • Access data using SQL from ODBC or JDBC databases including DB2 on IBM i, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and MySQL
  • File formats include CSV, TSV, and TXT

Email Services

  • Send and receive email messages (POP3 and SMTP)

Message Service

  • Messaging interfaces support ActiveMQ (Apache), SonicMQ (Progress Software), Rendezvous (Tibco), WebLogic JMS
  • (Oracle), and WebSphere MQ (IBM)

Web Services

  • REST, SOAP, and XML web services

XML Services

  • Automatically generates XSL style sheets for data transformation (XSLT)
  • Embedded XML parser with XML editor
  • Visual XML Wizard maps XML schemas and XML documents to LANSA and 3GL program data structures

Transport Services

  • Transport services include HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, SMTP, POP3, and messaging software
  • JSM Direct HTTP service extension for web services
  • EDIINT AS2, AS3, and EDI

Database Services

  • DB2 on IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) servers
  • Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and Sybase on Windows servers

IBM i Specific Services

  • Native services support data queues, message queues, and user space communications

It’s More than a Transaction

We are proud to offer competitive pricing for all of our products and services. To us, it’s about the relationship, not the transaction—so while upfront pricing varies based on your unique business needs, the total cost of ownership and total return of investment overtime is a consistent and impressive metric across our client base. Learn more about the long-term value LANSA provides to its customers.

Recent Case Studies


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Honda Australia MPE brings web dealer system in house with LANSA


Morton Salt Keeps on Pouring with LANSA


Elder’s web portal – digital transformation success with LANSA

Honda Australia MPE brings web dealer system in house with LANSA

“The successful rollout of Elder’s digital and online projects was a major factor in the Marketing & Communications winning the 2017 One Elders Team of the Year Award.”

-Elders Leadership

Learn more about our amazing customers

“Our systems are elegant, productive, economical, maintainable, integrated – you name it. We couldn't have a quarter of what we're doing without LANSA.”

-Stan Kritzik, Proprietor, Metropolitan Associates

Learn more about our amazing customers

“With the help of online tutorials, documentation, and a few calls to LANSA support, we got started with the LANSA platform quickly.”

-Keith Arteaga, IT Manager, Brunswick

Learn more about our amazing customers