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Orchestrating an Automated Data Process Using Composer

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Data and Process Integration

Did you know that many business owners lose 20 to 30% of revenue every year due to manual data exchange? Manual data exchange methods not only slow down business operations but are also error-prone and expensive, hindering business growth. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, organizations require an efficient solution to automate data exchange processes. LANSA Composer addresses these issues with a systematic approach to automating the flow of data through various stages, from extraction to transformation and delivery. It involves coordination as well as management of the movement and processing of data across various systems.

LANSA Composer automates business data interchange processes between disparate systems, ensuring that the transferred data is reliable, timely, and accurate. The orchestration feature offered by LANSA Composer enables you to define the sequence of business activities for transferring the data between systems using a visual drag-and-drop interface, eliminating the need for complex coding. With the help of this tool, users can easily define conditions and actions to create complex data exchange processes that are fully automated.


How LANSA Composer’s process orchestration feature works

The data orchestration feature of LANSA Composer simplifies managing and automating the flow of data across different systems and tools within an organization’s data ecosystem. Essentially, it acts as a central conductor that unifies disparate data sources and streamlines the various stages involved in the data processing process.

  • 1. Set up the trading partners

The process starts with setting up the trading partners where the user needs to select the external entity with whom they want to exchange data and select the transport method. With LANSA Composer, users can easily add/ configure trading partners. It helps in organizing files into directories, sharing common activities, and processing sequences with different sources.

  • 2. Configure transport protocols

After defining a new trading partner, establish the configuration for the agreed transportation mechanism, such as HTTPS, FTPS, email, etc. The next step is to create transformation maps that transform data between various formats such as XML documents, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) documents, web service functions, and a range of databases.

  • 3. Automate data exchange

The last and final step is process orchestration which enables the combination of activities and transformations with processing directives, such as loops and conditions, to complete a business process. Its main purpose is to execute one or more activities and transformation maps in a specified order. Below are some examples of processes you can automate:

  • Invoice processing
  • Customer order fulfillment
  • Financial reporting
  • Healthcare patient records management
  • Supply chain management

LANSA Composer - Orchestrating an automated data process using Composer Orchestrating an automated data process using Composer

Consider an organization that wants to automate the process for customers making enquiries. LANSA Composer makes it easy for customers to send an email request for information or make any inquiry. The “from email” address is used to identify and validate the customer and the email subject indicates the type of inquiry, whether the customer wants to get product details or account information.

Process to automate email enquiry using LANSA Composer

Based on the inquiry type identified in the email subject, LANSA Composer can trigger the appropriate workflow. If the email subject indicates a request for account information, LANSA Composer can retrieve the required details and send them to the customer via email.

Automate email enquiry for account information using LANSA Composer

LANSA Composer’s automation process not only saves time and effort but also ensures that customers receive responses to their inquiries promptly. By orchestrating with LANSA Composer, companies can effectively bridge the gap between raw data and actionable insights. This will not only help in improving efficiency and data quality but also provide better business outcomes.

Automating email enquiry with LANSA Composer


How LANSA Composer’s process orchestration feature can streamline your data exchange process

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, the ability to integrate and streamline processes is a strategic advantage. LANSA Composer’s orchestration feature is a valuable asset for businesses seeking to stay ahead of the curve and drive innovation. Implementing business process orchestration through LANSA Composer not only empowers organizations to streamline their operations but also enhances productivity and reduces inefficiencies. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of orchestrating the business process using LANSA Composer:

  • Supports multiple data sources

LANSA Composer supports multiple data sources, including different databases, data formats (i.e. XML, EDI), file types (e.g. text, CSV, spreadsheets), and many more. It allows businesses to integrate this cutting-edge tool with a number of systems and applications. Whether businesses are using HTTPS, FTP, POP3, or any other communication protocols, LANSA Composer facilitates easy data exchange across various platforms.

LANSA Composer supports multiple data sources

  • Offers effective troubleshooting tools

LANSA Composer provides various options for troubleshooting automated data processing. This advanced tool not only aids in better handling of errors but also ensures that businesses can offer 99.9% availability of their data interchange services to their trading partners. Here are some of the troubleshooting and error-handling options offered by LANSA Composer:

  • Process monitor: This tool allows users to troubleshoot errors manually during the data automation process. It displays the number of processes currently running on the system with their real-time status, enabling users to identify and address any type of issues that may arise during the data exchange process.

Process monitor to view currently running processes

  • Management console: This console provides a visual representation of the data flow and system performance. It allows users to see what’s happening via the web in the form of bars and graphs, making it easier to identify and troubleshoot any error that may occur.

Monitor the system in real-time with Management console

  • Event handlers: This feature allows users to create alerts for specific errors. Users can set up different events for issues related to FTP, HTTP, SMTP, EDI, POP3, and many more within the system indicating when things go wrong. Built-in error handling mechanisms automatically retry tasks, send alerts to notify relevant personnel and ensure the pipeline remains resilient and reliable, helping to minimize the impact of any disruptions during the data exchange process.

Create alerts for errors using Event handler

  • Minimizes errors

With LANSA Composer, businesses can automate data exchange processes without requiring technical expertise or complex coding. It offers ready-made activities with which business analysts, non-programmers, or non-technical people can assemble processes without writing program code. Assembling a process is faster than writing program code to manage the process. This not only reduces the likelihood of human errors occurring during configuration or implementation but also improves the accuracy of data exchange.

  • Reduces cost

LANSA Composer automates the data exchange process and reduces costs by minimizing the need for human intervention and management. This boosts productivity by providing most of the activities that companies need for business process integration. Organizations that automate their business processes see productivity improvements from 40 to 140 percent after two years. By decreasing costs associated with manual data exchange processes, LANSA Composer helps companies improve their bottom line and maximize operational efficiency.


Leverage LANSA’s data integration tool for seamless data exchange

LANSA Composer offers a powerful solution to businesses for automating data exchange processes without requiring hand coding. With its support for various data sources, flexible integration capabilities, and effective troubleshooting options, LANSA Composer streamlines the data exchange process and ensures seamless communication between disparate systems. By automating and coordinating tasks across different systems and departments, this advanced solution not only helps businesses save time and resources but also improves operational efficiency.


Automate business processes to exchange data and business documents

Are you dealing with a scattered data environment with complex pipelines that seem to go everywhere? Do you want to streamline your data exchange processes and elevate your business to new heights? Leverage the power of LANSA Composer to automate your data exchange process without the need for complex coding. Watch this webinar to discover how to automate data exchange without coding using LANSA Composer.

With a visual drag-and-drop interface and a range of pre-built integrations, LANSA Composer makes data orchestration easy for users of any technical skill level. Get in touch with our professional experts today to get started with LANSA Composer.