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AlphaLife provides thousands of PCs at 600 branch offices browser access

AlphaLife Insurance Company S.A., an Alpha Bank Group Companybased in Greece, is a new, rapidly growing insurance company specializing in savings and pension plans. AlphaLife promotes its products exclusively via the 600 branch office network of the Alpha Bank, one of the largest banks in Greece.

AlphaLife uses LINSYS (from SIS) as its core back-end solution to manage its term-life products, but needed a way to provide the Alpha Bank branch offices and HQ with browser access. With technical support from LANSA business partner Mercon, the solution was web enabled using LANSA’s aXes modernization product.

The Challenge

Alpha Life and the Alpha Bank wanted a back office insurance solution that could be accessed from the bank’s front office branch network to enter and maintain insurance proposals, issue policies and follow the life cycle of policies.

Robustness and ease of installation and maintenance were major criteria, as the solution had to be rolled out to a few thousand point of sales PCs at the bank’s 600 branch offices in Greece.

The Solution

Through an international competition of bids, AlphaLIfe selected the LINSYS system from SIS. LINSYS is a total solution for Life and Non-Life insurance companies.

SIS decided to work along with Mercon and, using aXes, together modernize and web-enable the LINSYS insurance solution. Mercon passed the necessary skills to SIS and provided the technical support for the project.

Using aXes, thousands of PCs at AlphaBank’s 600 branch offices and HQ now have browser access to Linsys back office functionality.

Benefits Achieved

The successful implementation provided AlphaLife and AlphaBank with:

  • Fast and accurate implementation of the LINSYS system.
  • Fast deployment to end users through aXes Web Server (zero client).
  • User friendly and fully parameterized environment.
  • Quick and reliable option to setup new business products.
  • Rapid transformation to a web environment through aXes Terminal and Web Spooler Servers.
  • Full integrated with Alpha Bank’s core back office systems and other transactional banking systems.
  • Integration through web services with Workflow management and Document management.
  • Minimization of usage and maintenance cost through automated procedures and validation rules.


Company and System Information

  • AlphaLife Insurance Company S.A., founded in 2010, is a new, rapidly growing Alpha Bank Group Company with services and products that are directed towards clients who wish to cover medium to long-term needs or to secure an additional income at retirement. Alpha Bank, founded in 1879, is the leading private bank in Greece, with more than 600 branches around Greece and strong presentation in the Balkans.
  • For more information visit: www.alphalife.gr
  • Mercon is an company specialized in IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i) and a LANSA Business Partner representing and supporting aXes in Greece, Germany and Italy. Mercon certified technical team can provide integrated solutions in the areas of application development, security, high availability, systems management and communications.
  • For more information visit: www.mercon.de
  • SIS is an IBM ISV specializing in development of insurance applications. Its LINSYS solution is certified by IBM as the commendable solution for insurance companies. LINSYS is based on over 20 years of experience in the insurance and actuarial sector and can be extended to be used in the Life as well asNon-Life Market.
  • For more information visit www.sis-soft.gr