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Daihatsu implements Europe wide Mobility Service with LANSA

Daihatsu Holland is the Dutch importer and distributor of Daihatsu Motors, Japan’s compact car specialist. A LANSA customer since 1991, Daihatsu Holland replaced a cumbersome fax ordering system and a complex Delphi system with a LANSA web-based dealer system. Daihatsu is one of the fastest growing car brands in Holland and the company’s web-based real-time dealer support system is crucial to the success of over 100 dealers. The first web system module was developed in just 27 man-days and allows for ordering and inquiry of parts and accessories. The web system was then extended with a module for vehicle orders and online warranty management.

Recently Daihatsu used LANSA to develop a solution for its Daihatsu Mobility Service, which entitles customers to repair and emergency assistance throughout Europe. This service has already attracted over 10,000 customers and is growing fast.

Raymond Ginus, IT manager at Daihatsu Holland, said, “The web-based dealer system has drastically improved the accuracy and quality of the ordering process, while reducing the number of phone calls. Daihatsu dealers now have 24 hours a day access to up-to-date inventory information, including weekends, which helps them to provide a better service to their customers.”

“We used our existing LANSA and iSeries skills for both the dealer web extensions and our core solution. Now we are looking into using Visual LANSA to move both systems into a single and modern framework.”

“Being in control of our LANSA in-house developed logistics and sales systems, gives us the flexibility to meet the exact requirements of our business and dealers. Some of our dealers carry multiple brands and they often comment that our system is easier to use and closer to their requirements than other dealer systems. Our system offers everything the dealer needs.”

“Because LANSA is easy to use and productive, we can manage the entire system, maintenance and development with a team of two, including myself. We feel very proud that we can deliver and manage such a large system with so few staff. You can only achieve such efficiency in the IT department with a productive development tool that creates robust and architectural sound applications. LANSA is the right choice for us.”


Although Daihatsu decided in 2013 to cease sales of new vehicles in Europe, Daihatsu and over 70 service dealers throughout the Netherlands continue to manage repairs, service, and warranties through this web application.

Company and System Information

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  • Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd, the Japanese head office, was established in 1907, as one of the first manufacturers of internal-combustion engines in Japan. Daihatsu employs 21,450 people worldwide. Net sales in 1999 were Yen 891,403 million (US$ 7,394,470,000). Daihatsu Holland is the sole importer and distributor of Daihatsu Motors.
  • For more information, visit Daihatsu at www.daihatsu.nl