Visual LANSA Announces New Features to Increase Speed, Agility of Application Development

Tools offer low-code development without constraints; empower users to build enterprise-grade applications in days versus months

Austin, TEXAS — Sept. 5, 2019 — LANSA, (a division of Idera, Inc.), a provider of low-code application development platform tools, today announced the latest release of Visual LANSA that enables developers to deliver immediate business value by building and deploying applications faster, easier, and at a lower cost.

Unlike other low-code platforms with limited functionality, Visual LANSA contains everything a developer needs to build, maintain and extend modern web, mobile, and desktop applications: a full-stack language, a WYSIWYG designer, and one-click deployment across all form factors — whether in the cloud or on premises. In addition, Visual LANSA pre-built connectors, application helpers, and coding wizards help maximize developer productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and accelerate innovation.

“Our goal is to shield developers from the underlying complexity of application development and maintenance so they can spend less time coding and more time-solving business problems,” said Madan Divaker, product manager at LANSA. “This latest release of Visual LANSA adds sophisticated features that are easy to use, so a user only has to master a few key skills to develop, maintain, and integrate applications.”

This latest release helps LANSA developers deliver common use cases out-of-the-box with greater speed and flexibility. Key new features include application samples that showcase application helper functionality based on best practices, and LANSA Package Manager, a plug-and-play library of pre-built components that integrate with external services to enhance and extend applications.

Additional benefits include:

Pre-built components for Amazon S3 Browser Direct-Upload & Download; Google Geocoding API; Google reCAPTCHA; Google Translate API; OpenWeatherMap API; Sending email using SendGrid API; Sending SMS using Twilio; and others.
Web Application SCRUD (Search, Create, Read, Update, Delete) coding wizards updated to include support for attachments and notes, charts, embedded web pages, maps, quick links, Contact Us, and About.
Sample applications for Local User Management, Password Reset using SendGrid, Contact Us, About, Google Maps Geo-Encode and Geo-Decode, Recaptcha, Image Carousel, and FAQs.
To learn more about the latest release of Visual LANSA, visit:

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