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Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (ALM) provides application lifecycle management for the entire line of LANSA application tools. Whether working in LANSA for the iSeries, LANSA for the Web, or Visual LANSA, Rocket Aldon’s interface to LANSA (LANSA Link) enables total management of IBM i objects, traditional LANSA objects, and PC objects for IBM i, web, Windows, and client/server applications through a structured, seamless process.

LANSA developers now have a comprehensive, automated version control and process management system for all platforms.

Increase Productivity
Rocket Aldon significantly reduces the manual, repetitive, and administrative portions of LANSA development. All objects affected by or contributing to a change are processed together as a group or project. When a LANSA object is changed it is automatically checked out, with all required export/import tasks automatically performed. The status of objects in LANSA and in the Rocket ALM solution remain in sync. Applications are developed faster and more accurately than ever before.

Achieve Compliance
Rocket Aldon enables companies to meet regulatory compliance for multi-platform development. The system automatically documents developer activity, leaving management with a detailed audit trail of development changes. Customized dashboards and reports provide details of activities performed, including who performed them, when, and, most importantly, why. Historical information is organized into management reports. Role-based security ensures that only authorized persons can make changes and perform actions within the system, giving management control of the development process.

Improve Quality
Under Rocket Aldon, the quality of LANSA-generated applications improves because all modifications for IBM i, LANSA, and PC objects flow through the system in the same way. Rocket Aldon ensures that code going into production meets pre-assigned testing requirements. This consistent and efficient approach to application development greatly reduces human error and saves time.

For more information visit: http://www.rocketsoftware.com/products/rocket-aldon/rocket-aldon-lifecycle-manager-ibm-i-edition

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