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CAPS | College Administrative Processing System

CAPS is a comprehensive system for college and university administration. CAPS addresses the needs of institutions, from the admissions phase, through on-line registration, academic advising, financial aid processing, generation of rosters, bills, academic status reports, report cards, transcripts, and graduation. 

CAPS has a web-based thin client browser user interface and is also available as SaaS.


Modules include:


  • Admission
  • Financial Aid
  • Registrar
  • Bursar
  • Course Offerings
  • Class Scheduling
  • Attendance
  • Faculty
  • Student Housing
  • Student KIOSK
  • Security


For more information visit:

Availability Details:
Languages: English
Countries: USA
Platforms: IBM i server with browser clients


Partner Contact Details:
DB Systems Corporation
34 South Broadway
White Plains, NY


Contact: Kevin Brown
Tel: +1 914 328 0885
Email: DB Systems Corporation

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