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Get control over all of your LANSA and “legacy” software development and maintenance projects with ChangeMaster.

ChangeMaster features Check-Out/Check-In locking to prevent lost or overwritten changes, and Source Compare, to identify changes and to allow merging with SEU.

ChangeMaster automates migration and distribution of software changes. Branching versions support emergency fixes. Supports IFS directories or shared folders for client/server application components. ChangeMaster can also locate patterns in source code for impact analysis.

  • Control all of your software changes without impeding your staff’s ability to do their work
  • Ensure adequate Testing is performed before changes are promoted to Production
  • Send programs back to development for further revision when testing reveals errors
  • Move all related objects into Test or Production, on one or more AS/400s
  • Track every version of every component of your entire software inventory (objects and source) and manage all changes to your production environments
  • Display project history on-line or run batch reports to obtain information about past activities
  • ChangeMaster integrates into LANSA for i, LANSA for the Web and Visual LANSA and is very easy for developers to learn and use.

Availability Details:
Languages: English
Countries: Worldwide
Platforms: IBM i and Windows

Partner Contact Details:
Industrial Strength Software Company
105 E. Britnie Dr.
Poplar Grove, IL 61065

Tel: 815 765 9100
Email: Industrial Strength Software