[Live Webinar] Automate business data exchange without coding. Register HERE
[Live Webinar] Automate business data exchange without coding. Register HERE


CLAVE is a solution for the finance industry, essentially focused on Car and Equipment Finance (leasing, renting, loan, etc), it provides full administration throughout the agreement lifecycle from proposal capture right through to disposal. It has front-end and back office processing for a full cycle management and the tools to make it a complete solution for the finance business. Multi-platform and multi-currency, CLAVE handles multiple fee and pricing structures, as well as complex loan products.

CROPSYS vast experience on the sector allows the flexibility of CLAVE to meet almost every need and easy adaptability to in-house processing.

Some available modules are:

  • Vehicle leasing, loan, renting
  • Vendor finance
  • Equipment finance
  • Revolving credit
  • Current accounts
  • Fund advance

Main functional areas:

  • Proposal/Contract management
  • Customer services
  • Billing / Invoicing
  • Agreements and bad debt
  • End of agreement processing

CLAVE has a powerful decision making engine based on score processing, decision trees and risk management application integration, providing automatic business approval/refusal or advice, which allows for fast business making and releasing time and resources for other strategic areas.

All documents are easily created/ customisable using CLAVE’s built-in PDF tool and email is the privileged communication with all intervenient entities, making it the perfect form of feedback on a mobile world.

CLAVE has a its own web front end which can be customised according to customer’s needs, it also separates internal from external users allowing for different processing and information available using the same modules according to the current user making it possible for direct use by partners or vendors.

CLAVE’s backend processing is robust and is prepared to communicate with third party tools, such as proposal capture, contract management or accounting software, through API’s. It also provides complete automation and integration with payment processing entities (ATM, direct debits, electronic transfers, etc).

All CLAVE modules use the same common database, which ensures total consistency of data for all users, and ensures that no information is ever redundantly entered or maintained. CLAVE adds substantial capabilities for managing the most important asset of a company, their information.

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Availability Details:
Languages: Portuguese
Countries: Portugal
Platforms: IBM i server and browser clients

Partner Contact Details:
Cropsys –Consultoria e Serviços, Lda
Rua Cidade de Bolama, Nº10 (Antigo Lote 17) – 4º B
Olivais Sul, 1800-079 Lisboa

Tel: +351 218 539 570 or +351 218 085 023
Email: Cropsys
Website: www.cropsys.com