Need a Web Query for i alternative? Check out LANSA BI.
Need a Web Query for i alternative? Check out LANSA BI.
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iAM4 Suite

Security – Stability – Automation

iAM4 Suite of Software is a powerful solution that manages LANSA and IBM i application development and maintenance cycle and automates and secures promotions of sources and objects to multiple target environments and IBM i and Windows/Citrix servers.

Using a Windows interface, our solution has very flexible configuration facilities that allow you to define your current environments. It also gives you the possibility of defining internal security, source/object promotion parameters and an unlimited number of development processes.

The iAM4 solution supports all LANSA products, definitions and objects as part of the base product and not with an add-on interfacing with the main iAM4 product. It also supports all IBM i sources and objects like RPG, CLP and Cobol as well as Windows objects. Everything on your IBM i machine is supported as Green screen, Client/Server and WEB applications are all supported.

In seconds with a simple click… LANSA definitions/objects, IBM i sources/objects and optionally Windows objects can be included in a single project and promoted together. Request promotion and deployment of an unlimited number of sources/objects to multiple target environments and IBM i and Windows servers with a simple click. Windows objects, for example .NET objects, can be added to projects and deploy to Windows servers in the same promotion processing as the LANSA and IBM i sources and objects.

One minute!! Use the iAM4 software dashboard to verify status of all promotions. The iAM4 software displays this information using green, yellow and right lights allowing you to rapidly analyze deployment status to all target environments and IBM i and Windows servers.

The iAM4 software also generates all LANSA and IBM i cross references easily accessible by the entire development staff. For each LANSA definition/object or IBM i source/object, iAM4 searches the LANSA repository and associated library list and identifies all LANSA and IBM i native cross references included in the selected definition/object as well as those cross references using the selected definition/object.

The iAM4 software is a turnkey solution. In one week, you will be up and running and benefit from a solution which:

  • Manages the entire LANSA and IBM i application development, maintenance and distribution cycle
  • Provides Auditor reports on security, history and user access
  • Helps you clean up your environments by eliminating manual work
  • Makes your job easier and much less stressful
  • Makes your staff saves time and concentrates on their job
  • Helps you meet your schedule and budget
  • Limits the time you’ll spent working at nights and on weekends

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Availability Details:
Languages: English
Countries: Worldwide
Platforms: IBM i and Windows

Partner Contact Details:
1100 Boul. Cremazie Est, Suite 600
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H2P 2X2
Tel: +1 (514) 370-2452

Email: Chrono-Logic